Saturday, May 6, 2017

Movie Review: Begin Again (2013)

Movie: Begin Again (2013)

Director: John Carney

Writer: John Carney

Cast: Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, James Corden, Adam Levine, Hailee Steinfield, Mos Def, Catherine Keener, CeeLo Green, 

One-Line Plot Synopsis: A down-and-out music producer (Ruffalo) has a chance encounter with a singer-songwriter (Knightley) which brings them together for a musical colloboration.

Don't be scared off by Adam Levine being in this movie, it's really a movie about Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo more than it is Levine...even though it is a movie about music.  I was a little hesitant going into the movie based on Levine looking like he had a major role based on the trailer but I came away wanting to watch it again.

John Carey knows exactly what he's doing with movies about music.  After directing the Oscar Nominated and personal favorite of mine, Once, he is able to center a romantic film about relationships around musical passion and how those things can enhance one another, especially with regards to intimacy.  I'll get to Carey's next movie Sing Street later on, but just as a little bit of a spoiler, he's able to do it again.

Begin Again reminds me of Once in so many ways.  It revolves around characters who have experience heartbreaks and through their longing for that feeling and previous connection, they uncover an unrealized creativity and depth to their feelings that they can put into their music.  It comes across beautifully and extremely heartfelt in such a genuine way.

I would highly recommend watching this movie if you enjoyed Once.  You'll get a lot of the same feelings from this viewing experience as you did from that one.  Plus, who doesn't like Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo?

I'm not going to lie, I fucking love this song.  How come Adam Levine had to go straight pop after the amazing Songs About Jane album?  There's a reason this song was nominated for an Academy Award.

He could be making songs like this instead of the same song on the radio every couple of months.  In his defense, they're pretty catchy the first couple of times and the money is probably awesome.

Rating: 8/10