Friday, April 7, 2017

The Top TV Comedies of 2016

I'm finally getting to my top shows form the last year and we're basically a third of the way through this year.  Better late than never I guess.

Before I get into the comedies that I've watched this year, let me just throw out a couple that I started watching and then gave up on because I thought they were garbage.  

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.  The only reason I finished the first season was because I thought since I started it, that I should finish it.  I completely expected it to be cancelled and not have to subject myself to another season...thankfully, that happened after Season 2.

Roadies.  Man, I really want Almost Famous Cameron Crowe back, but unfortunately, this ain't it.  The roadies of some bad think they have the most important job in the world and also think they're philosophical as fuck.  They're just annoying little hipster wannabes.

20. Fuller House (Netflix - Season 1) - The only good thing to come from the Full House re-boot...

19. Fresh Meat (BBC America - Seasons 1, 2, 3, & 4) - A British comedy about a group of kids sharing a house at University.  I blew through all 4 years of the group at college.  They are pretty short seasons but hour long episodes.  Basically a lesser version of Undeclared.

18. Saturday Night Live (NBC - Season 41) - You basically know what you're getting from SNL, but this was the one skit that I keep on going back to.

17. Modern Family (ABC - Season 7) - Modern Family has gotten pretty repetitive and stale over the past couple of season yet always seems to be nominated for every comedic Globe and Emmy Award for whatever reason.  One good thing to come out of Modern Family recently...Ariel Winter is all grow'd up.

16. Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central - Season 4) - Amy Shumer's new Comedy Special on Netflix is horrendous...fact.  Her act is basically the same exact joke of her being a slutty chubby girl for an hour.  It gets old really quick.  As for her show, it's hit or miss for me.  It's not as good as the first two seasons but I still chuckle from time to time.

15. Workaholics (Comedy Central - Season 6) - Workaholics is a lot better when they don't involve of their co-workers in their actions, at least for me it is.  When they are at home and doing stupid shit or away from the office, that's when the show is at its best.  Is it just me or has Jillian been in a lot less of the show recently?  She's easily the funniest co-worker at the office, so maybe that's why the office stuff isn't working as much for me anymore.

14. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix - Season 2) - Still rocking the best theme song of any comedy out there.

Jon Hamm pretty much needs to be in everything.

13. The Grinder (FOX - Season 1 Continued) - I was disappointed when I heard that The Grinder was cancelled after it's split first season.  I find Fred Savage hilarious and didn't know that I missed him so much since The Wonder Years.  Rob Lowe is there for comic relief as well but I think it's Savage who really shines in The Grinder.

12. Vice Principals (HBO - Season 1) - Danny McBride basically plays a less violent and vulgar version of Kenny Powers, even going back to a school to be a teacher/vice principal while Walton Goggins (one of my favs) plays an eccentric vice principal with a mean streak.  I thought Dr. Belinda Brown and her storylines (especially her kids) brought down what could have been a Kenny Powers level show with the rest of the cast.

11. You're The Worst (FX - Season 3) - I really like You're The Worst and I know that the whole show is based on characters that you're supposed to hate...but it gets grating to have every single character be despicable and not care about anyone else's feelings literally all the time.  I just start to feel bad for Edgar now in the middle of each episode and the antics of Jimmy and Gretchen have really started to toe the line of funny & cruel to just cruel.  When it crosses the line to not funny more than it is funny, it makes me get angry watching the show.  That could just be me....but then, it could just be the show.

10. Archer (FX - Season 7) - Never gets old...never.  H. Jon Benjamin has the best voice for animation I've ever heard.  Between this and Bob's Burgers, he's really got it made.  I could've chosen any one of 100 scenes, but I really get a kick out of this one.

9. BoJack Horseman (Netflix - Season 3) - Even you haven't seen BoJack Horseman yet, get on the train.  It reminds me a lot of Archer in its type of humor.  All the critics who watched Season 3 all note that the episode where BoJack is underwater and the whole thing is basically a silent episode with no talking is the best one that the show has had in its 3 seasons.  While I totally respect the effort and cleverness that this particular episode had, I've liked other episodes better.  Also, sidenote, BoJack Horseman is actually a really deep show about depression and sometimes the shit that happens to BoJack is too real.  Oh, and I LOVE Mr. Peanut Butter

8. Detectorists (BBC America - Season 2) - Detectorists is basically a show made exactly for me.  Both Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook are the perfect combination for this show in terms of chemistry and opposite ends of the spectrum.  Somehow they just fit each other's personalities just so. I can see how this show wouldn't be for everyone but it is for me...I mean, I did buy a metal detector after watching the first season...still looking to do my gold dance though.  Different kind of theme song than Kimmy Schmidt but just as good in its own way...also, the main guy from Scrotal Recall, Johnny Flynn, is the one who plays it which is pretty cool if you ask me.

7. Broad City (Comedy Central - Season 3) - Them girls are funny as hell.  They both have very different and distinct sense of humor and delivery but they're both great.

6. The Last Man On Earth (FOX - Seasons 2 & 3) - Huge Will Forte guy here and the addition of Jason Sudekis on the show was a perfect fit for the dynamic of the group.  Plus, this...

5. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX - Season 11) - My 3 favorite episodes of Season 11 where Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs, Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo, & The Gang Hits the Slopes.  It's amazing that It's Always Sunny can stay so funny after 11 seasons.  They signed on for a couple of more season which will eventually bring the show to the longest running comedic show in the history of television, which is insane.  The one scene that I can absolutely relate to from this past season...

4. Veep (HBO - Season 5) - I think its safe to say that Veep has the most characters in a show that are genuinely funny.  There's a double-digit number of characters that have me in stitches in any given episode, whether it be Gary, Dan Egan, Mike McLintock, Richard or Jonah, the cast is so deep on this show that there is never a down minute, no matter what combination of them are in a scene together.

3. Catastrophe (BBC America - Season 2) - This may be a show that doesn't get enough word of mouth going around on it, but it really should.  Plus, the fact that the seasons are shorter and they are on Amazon with no commercials is so key.  You could knock out this whole season in less than 3 hours (I'm not checking if that's factually correct but I'm like 90% sure that it is).  There are only so many shows that I verbally laugh at every episode and this is definitely one of them.

2. Silicon Valley (HBO - Season 3) - It's basically like Entourage but I like all the characters and it's still good after the 3rd Season.  Oh, and Richard Hendricks is actually good at his job that is making him oodles of money, unlike Vince, who couldn't act his way out of a paper bag.  I do kinda miss Drama though, just a little bit.

1. Atlanta (FX - Season 1) - I'm not really sure if I should even be classifying this as a comedy since it's basically a drama that just also happens to be funny as hell.  If I were putting this on the drama list, it would have made my Top 5 regardless.  It's smart, funny, real, and just all-around fucking brilliant.  This is my favorite new show on television and it's really not even close.  Donald Glover can do it all.  I tried to find a clip of the scene where Glover is waiting in jail but they're all shit quality.