Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Picks for the All Big East Men's Basketball Teams for 2016-2017

Here's my selections for last year's All-Big East Teams.  I breakout the teams by backcourt players (BC) and frontcourt (FC) players as that is really the way teams are made up these days.  Also, I don't pick more than 5 players per teams because as far as I know, you can't play 6 guys at a least I don't think you can.

Player of the Year: Josh Hart (Villanova)
Defensive Player of the Year: Khyri Thomas (Creighton)
Co-Coaches of the Year: Chris Holtmann (Butler)/Ed Cooley (Providence)
6th Man of the Year: Andrew Rowsey (Marquette)
Freshman of the Year: Shamorie Ponds (St. John's)
Most Improved Player: Kyron Cartwright (Providence)

1st Team
BC - Jalen Brunson - Villanova 
BC - Kyron Cartwright
BC - Marcus Foster - Creighton
FC - Josh Hart - Villanova
FC - Angel Delgado - Seton Hall

I was going back and forth between having Trevon Blueitt or Kyron Cartwright on the 1st team but I ultimately went with Blueitt here.  My argument for Cartwright would be, if Rodney Bullock went out for the year, would PC have fallen off as much as Xavier did with Sumner going down.  I don't think they would have, and that's why the edge went to Cartwright here.  The other four spots are no-brainers in my mind.  If I did 6 spots like the actual 1st Team Big East does, I would have included both, but I don' here we have it.

2nd Team
BC - Tevon Blueitt - Xavier
BC - Shamorie Ponds - St. John's
FC - Rodney Bullock - Providence
FC - Kelan Martin - Butler
FC - Justin Patton - Creighton

That's a hell of a 2nd Team.  Two freshmen were able to sneak onto the team with Ponds and Patton, both having stellar years in their own right.  Bullock and Martin have had very similar season with their respective teams and have had their ups and downs during the season, Martin even being relegated to the bench for some time.

3rd Team
BC - Khadeen Carrington - Seton Hall
BC - Markus Howard - Marquette
BC - Rodney Pryor - Georgetown
FC - Kris Jenkins - Villanova
FC - Luke Fischer - Marquette

Honorable Mentions: J.P. Macura (Xavier), Andrew Chrabascz (Butler), Desi Rodriguez (Seton Hall),  & Rashid Gaston (Xavier).

It was a toss up for two of the spots, Khadeen Carrington or teammate Desi Rodriguez for the last guard spot.  I think an equal argument can be made for either.  When playing against Providence, I would say that Desi Rodriguez is the better player and the one that I am more concerned about throughout the game.  However, Carrington seems to be the guy more feared around the conference.  The last frontcourt spot was between Luke Fischer and Andrew Chrabascz,  They have very similar numbers but Fischer's points and rebounds per game are slightly higher.  In counterpoint, Chrabascz is more important to his team and on the better team.  The tiebreaker is defense, where I believe Fischer has the edge.

All-Freshmen Team
BC - Markus Howard - Marquette
BC - Shamorie Ponds - St. John's
BC - Marcus LoVett - St. John's
BC - Kamar Baldwin - Butler
FC - Justin Patton - Creighton

Honorable Mentions: Donte DiVincenzo (Villanova), Alpha Diallo (Providence), Myles Powell (Seton Hall), Quentin Goodin (Xavier).

Every team is represented except DePaul, which is pretty much what you'd expect