Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Trailer for Oasis Documentary "Supersonic" Looks Bloody Fantastic

This fall, a documentary focusing on the seismic rise of 90's British Rock phenomenon Oasis will be coming out.  Now, if you didn't know by now, I'm a massive Oasis fan.  They were 'It' in the 90's rock era as far as I'm concerned.  Some other bands have lasted longer and had more sustained success stateside, but none of them did it quite like Oasis.

The documentary, directed by Mat Whitecross and produced by Academy Award winning director Asif Kapadia, looks like it will be a much more in depth look at the feuding Gallagher brothers and the eventual separation of the band, moreso than the Behind the Music was.  

Liam and Noel have gone on and released music with their respective own bands post-Oasis but Noel's is much, much better in my opinion.  I've seen Noel Gallagher and The High Flying Birds twice now and as would be expected, the music sounds much more similar to Oasis than Liam's band Beady Eye does, most likely because Noel wrote the majority of the songs.  Also, the fact that Liam won't play any songs that his brother wrote with his new band (which is made up of former Oasis members) while Noel, on the other hand, plays a couple of the Oasis hits, makes Noel's show about 100x better right out of the gate.  I caught Beady Eye at the House of Blues in Boston and it was about 1/5 full and the show was pretty blah besides the one song, "The Roller" which is pretty much a John Lennon rip-off from "Instant Karma."

Then again, a lot of Oasis songs took their cues from The Beatles.  My favorite line from their behind the music was, "if you're going to steal, might as well steal from the best."  Either that or when Noel quips, "if you tell everyone you meet that you're the best band in the world, half of them are going to believe you."  Now, even though I put those in quotes, they're just my memories of what they said, so they could be a little off, but you get the gist. 

God, I fucking love Noel Gallagher.  His explanation is pretty spot on too, when you're writing a song or a riff or something, the influences of what you've heard previously are going to subconsciously slip into your songs.  Nothing you can do about it other than be honest and up front about it.

A look back at the last time that Liam hinted at a possible reunion and my top 40 Oasis songs at the time.  If I'm changing the list, I'm probably swapping "Force of Nature" and "Cigarettes & Alcohol."