Thursday, September 15, 2016

Michael C. Hall Performing David Bowie's Song "Lazarus"

It can't be just me right?  He sounds exactly like fucking Bowie.  I never knew Michael C. Hall could even sing and now that I think about, I still kind of don't know if he can.  Maybe, being an actor, he can just do really good impressions of singers.  Like how Jimmy Fallon can sound just like Neil Young or Jim Morrison.  Maybe that's what it is.  Either way, whether he's singing like he usually sings or impersonating the great David Bowie, I'm impressed.  It sounds great.

I need more hidden talents like this from actors that I like.  And now that were talking about Michael C. Hall, how come he's not in more movies?  The first 4 seasons of Dexter were incredible, especially the 4th season with John Lithgow.  How is this dude not in at least a movie or two a year?