Sunday, May 22, 2016

Movie Review: Room (2015)

Movie: Room (2015)

Director: Lenny Abrahamson

Writer: Emma Donaghue 

Cast: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridgers, Joan Allen, William H. Macy, Tim McCamus, & Wendy Crewson

One-Line Plot Synopsis: A young boy (Tremblay) is raised within the confines of a single room.

Well, that was certainly something...and I totally mean that in a good way.  My wife already knows that she can't watch movies with abductions and kidnapping and such so I'm always left watching movies like Room by myself and it's both a good and a bad thing.  I mean, I definitely like enjoying movies by myself so that I can form my own opinions to everything in them without any outside influence and such but it's kind of nice to have someone to watch a movie with a tough central subject to deal with, no?  Am I a big puss for saying that?  I dunno, either way, I thought everyone and everything about this movie was stellar.

Brie Larson just took that next step into the A-List female lead category.  I'm not even referring to the Oscar win per-say, just the performance in general.  I think this was akin to Jennifer Lawrence's performance in Winter's Bone.  Just a meaty role that she sunk her teeth in to and absolutely hit out of the fucking park.  Brie was definitely in my "Room Temp" category of girls who are at the same time super hot and super cool but she might get too big after this to fall into that category now.  It's a fine line to navigate as it seems like she's not that fond of the spotlight, so she could keep this up even as she gets bigger roles in bigger movies.  I thought she was great in Trainwreck (I'll be writing about that movie soon), perfect for 21 Jump Street, and popped up in a ton of movies I've seen as smaller parts (i.e. Rampart, The Spectacular Now, and Don Jon).  I still need to see Short Term 12, which I heard was amazing, but Brie's already got me in her hooks.  Also, I love the name Brie (minus the cheese jokes you probably get growing up).

But, just for the record, she's absolutely amazing in Room.

While we're on the subject of great performances in Room, Jacob Tremblay who plays Jack, challenges Brie Larson for the best performance in the movie.  That kid is pitch perfect in the movie, like there's not a single thing I could say about that little guy that wouldn't be over-the-top complimentary.  Not to mention that he was perfect (again) as a young Tandy on The Last Man On freaking turd.

I see bright things in this kid's future.  And I kind of get the feeling that he should be in a Jeff Nichols movie.  He reminds me a little bit of Tye Sheridan.

Holy shit (this is a genuine reaction as I just looked up this little guy's upcoming projects) but he's playing Auggie Pullman in the movie Wonder, which is probably my favorite book I've read in the past 5 years.  That's awesome.  Just as a side note.

Anyway, onto other things, Sean Bridges continues to be awesome in everything he does. Deadwood, Rectify, this guy should just be cast in any Southern movie where you want someone to crush any material he's given.  Or maybe I just have a soft spot for him because he's in some of my all-time favorite TV shows?

The performances, writing, and direction are all top notch in Room and probably put it in my top 5 movies of the past year.  I'd probably have to put a real list together to be sure, but I'm confident enough to say that it's in my top 5 movies of 2015 at this very moment.

Rating: 9/10

P.S. Nice to see my Pleasantville parents, William H. Macy and Joan Allen, back together.