Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Playlist: Volume 13 - THE BAKER'S DOZEN

Friday Playlist: Volume 13 - THE BAKER'S DOZEN

Aaaaand we're back!  Every single time that Justin Timberlake releases a new song, you can count on some sort of blog or playlist.  Take that shit to the bank.  A lot of people actually released some new music today but a lot of the big names didn't make the playlist (i.e Keith Urban, Fifth Harmony, Radiohead, RHCP, James Blake, and more).

JT's new song is definitely better when you watch the video.  If you just hear the song, it definitely sounds like the kid's movie tune that it is he's so damn likable that the video immediately makes me love the song (Anna Kendrick doesn't hurt either).  A triple threat of mega rap names (French Montana, Kanye West, and Nas) put out a groovy as fuck song too.  I could hang out and have that in the background all day.  Mike Posner continues to surprise with good songs and I'm not sure what to do about it other than let it happen.

I've never heard of Madden but that song will get you dancing and just made my workout mix cut.  Now, if I ever use a workout mix (less than probable), we'll see how that works out.  Salvatore, a Norwegian band, provides the instrumentals for some good vibes that will get your head bobbing.  Astrid S, another Norwegian (I guess have something for Nordic groups) offers some good new pop as well.  I'm becoming more of a fan of Brandyn Burnett every time I hear this dude's music.  That fact that he's buddies with my girl Molly Moore makes sense now.

Transitioning into some rock and band music, we have the Canadian band, The Strumbellas (who I'll be catching at the Newport Folk Festival this year). with a song that's getting some radio play these days.  A live version of Lissie's song "Don't You Give Up On Me," from The Current reminds me of some of the good 90's female rock songs that I grew up with.  She really reminds me of my girl Anya Marina, which you should know, is some good praise.

Rounding out the playlist today is Miner, a group that should get the invite to Newport some time in the near future as well if I was putting together the band list, and Clare Maguire, a Brit, who has a sound that I could really see myself getting into with some more time to listen.

1. Justin Timberlake - "CAN'T STOP THIS FEELING!"

2. French Montana feat. Kanye West & Nas - "Figure It Out"

3. Mike Posner (Jordan XL Remix) - "Be As You Are" 

4. Madden feat. 6AM - "Golden Light" 

5. Salvatore feat. Enya & Alex Aris - "Dive"

6. Astrid S - "Hurts So Good"

7. Brandyn Burnett - "Worship"

8. The Strumbellas - "Spirits"

9. Lissie - "Don't You Give Up On Me"

10. Miner - "Better Instincts"

11. Clare Maguire - "Elizabeth Taylor"