Friday, April 8, 2016

Movie Review: Trainwreck (2015)

Movie: Trainwreck (2015)

Director: Judd Apatow

Writer: Amy Schumer

Cast: Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, LeBron James, Brie Larson, Colin Quinn, John Cena, Vanessa Bayer, Dave Attell, Tilda Swinton, Randall Park, Jon Glaser, Ezra Miller, & Mike Birbiglia.

One-Line Plot Synopsis: After sleeping around with guys for most of her adult life, Amy (Schumer) is finally trying to make a relationship work with a nice guy (Hader).

I'm so far behind on movie reviews, it's not even funny.  Not that anyone cares (and I probably say this before every single review) but I have like 15-20 movies in the queue that I have to just bear down and get out of the way so that I'm actually talking about a movie that I just saw rather than trying to remember certain things that I liked or didn't like about a movie.

But, whatever.  Here we are.  And we're off...

I'm a big fan of Inside Amy Schumer and I think that she's a very talented and funny comedian.  Sometimes she falls back on just saying something sexual rather than something that's clever or funny but that really me picking some nits more than anything else.  I mean, the skits on her show are 10x funnier than any of the skits on SNL.

Trainwreck is basically everything you would expect from a Judd Apatow movie.  I literally said it was just like an Apatow movie and then looked it up and found out that it was actually an Apatow movie...that's how much it's like an Apatow movie.  A Judd Apatow comedy is about 30 minutes longer than you'd want it to be.  The first hour is really funny and then it lulls in a melodramatic realm that you never really wanted or expected it to venture into, then it gets super emotional when it doesn't need to, and then it ends on some life revelation sort of thing.  After that, you remember some of the funny parts but you never really want to sit down and watch the whole movie from beginning to end again.  

I did like how the movie flipped the guy/girl scenarios on its head a bit and made Schumer the kind of person who just drinks a lot and sleeps around.  It's nice to see an original take on a common movie troupe.

I think I'll like Bill Hader in anything he's ever in.

Every single time I see Brie Larson, I want to see more of her.  She never really had any comedy to play with but she was still awesome as always.  She is a complete room temp chick.  Now, all I have to do is see Room and we'll be all set.

Hey Trainwreck, fuck you for temporarily making me like Bron Bron.  I mean, he was no John Cena, but I caught myself laughing a couple of times.

But thanks to LeBron, he does stuff like this to pull me right back.

Rating: 7/10

P.S. That dance scene at the end went on for fucking ever, AmIRight?  It was funny for like 15 seconds, not 5 minutes.