Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Playlist: Volume Ten A - "The Ten Spot"

Friday Playlist: Volume Ten A - "The Ten Spot"

I'm splitting the Friday Playlist today into two parts.  The first part (Part A) is more of a folk, rock, singer/songwriter playlist and part B is more of a an electronic, house, synthesized type of a playlist.  

I figured 20 songs on one playlist was probably a little bit too long, so you can pick your poison on this one.  

1. The Lumineers - "Ophelia"


The Lumineers released their first song of their next upcoming album Cleopatria, their first album in 4 years.  I'll just say, it's about damn time.  They've come out with a couple of songs that they slapped on their Deluxe version of their first album and a song that they made for The Walking Dead...but a lot of people probably already forgot about these guys.

2. St. Lucia - "Dancing on Glass"

My favorite track of their new album that I've heard so far, very danceable.

3. Parson James - "Temple"

Probably best known for being featured on the Kygo song "Stole The Show," Parson James' EP is actually really freaking good.

4. Leo Stannard - "Please Don't"

Very reminiscent of some Ben Howard.  Like a poor man's Ben Howard if you will.

5. Charles Kelley - "Leaving Nashville"

I've always thought he was going to come out with a solo album at some point.  He's just too good as part of Lady Antebellum.  He's released a couple of songs before he released the full album today and this one is my favorite so far.

6. KING - "Up For Now"

This song probably could have went in the other playlist but I needed to even them up a little bit.  I really like how they're called a Hip Pop band.  Didn't know there was such a thing.

7. Lewis Watson - "Maybe We're Home"

For whatever reason, I was surprised that this singer/songwriting Brit was only 23 years old.  This song sounds a little bit like a male version of Courtney Barnett.

8. Leon Bridges - "Mississippi Kisses"

It's pretty much a given that I'll include any song that Leon Bridges comes out with on a playlist of some sort.

9. Jaime Nelson - "Way You Do"

The Glastonbury native has a couple of songs that you can listen to on YouTube and this was my personal favorite of the ones on there.