Friday, February 26, 2016

Best The News Names Providence College the 23rd Most Fun College in America

Here's the quick excerpt from Best The News, and the entire list here.

23. Providence College

Providence, Rhode Island
At Providence College, students get the best of both worlds: the ‘big school’ feel of Division I athletics coupled with the insular atmosphere of a small school in a quaint college town. 
Intramural sports are huge at PC, earning the school the top spot on the Princeton Review’s “Everyone Plays Intramural Sports” list. 
I pretty much disregard and never really pay attention to these lists...that is, unless Providence College finds their way onto one.  Now, the most popular lists that everyone knows about are the Princeton Review ones that rank the top party/drinking schools in the country.  
When I was in school PC actually found its way onto the Top Drinkers of liquor, you know, pat me on the back for taking some straight Nikov to the liver.
Now, back to PC coming in 23rd.  I want to say that this takes partying into account because Illinois is ranked number 1 in this and also came in the top spot of the Princeton Review's party school list.  If so, then good for PC...not much has changed.  I wouldn't really call Providence a "quaint college town" because that's more of a thing where the college is the only reason that anyone knows the name of said town, but I do agree with everyone playing intramural sports at PC.  
If that's what makes a college fun, then PC is fun.  Seriously though, Providence College was so much fucking fun to go to.  Go Friars!  

P.S. There are so many white kids in that, so many.