Monday, January 18, 2016

The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 2 - Let's Declare a Villain for the Season

The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 2 - Let's Declare a Villain for the Season

We all know that no Bachelor season is complete without someone to play the villain.  Whether it be an actual villainous person or the editing job from the producers, the show needs people to root for and for people to root against.

It looks like Olivia is going to be our villain for the season.  At first, I thought it was going to be Lace but she's such a mess, way too insecure, and doesn't actually have a realistic show with Ben.  So much for my pick that Olivia would get along with all the girls based on her Bachelor profile.

First Group Date.

The girls are headed to a High School because Ben was a High School quarterback...of course he was.  The producers definitely went cheap on this one.  This date had to cost maybe $30 in total.

This is something.
The girls are in pairs of two and have to compete in challenges based on school subjects.  Subjects included are science, geography, gym, and bobbing for apples?  What the hell class is bobbing for apples in a fish bowl?

Mandi ends up winning against Amber in the final hurdle race to Ben and gets extra time.  It won't matter 'cause she is a producer pick anyway.

The girls go for drinks on the top of a building and Lace keeps going back for more time with Ben because she thinks that he's eye-fucking her and she wants to make up for being a drunken mess from the first night.

Jo Jo gets the time on the helipad and gets the group date rose.  It looks like she could be rising to the top.  You knew whoever he took for extra time up to the helipad was going to get the rose.

Up Next, a One-On-One Date with Caila.

For some reason, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart show up to basically promote Ride Along 2 for the first half of their date.  I find Kevin Hart so unfunny and annoying, not just in this, but in everything.  Well, if I ended up actually watching most of his movies, I'm sure I'd find him more annoying.

Man, Ice Cube is so street.

Is this really their target demographic for Ride Along 2?

Ben & Caila then have a nice little dinner at a pizza place and are treated to a private show (probably one of the most awkward things the Bachelor does) with Amos Lee.  Now, I like Amos Lee, so I like that Ben likes Amos Lee.  It's nice for him to get a little mainstream attention.  Get that bump on iTunes my dude!

A quick Amos Lee playlist for those interested.

Up Next, a Second Group Date.

For this group date, all the girls are dressed in white and they use some infrared technology and heart rate and some other stuff to scientifically decide who's right for Ben.

Obviously, Olivia wins with the highest score because they've actually kissed before and have some sexual chemistry.

Samantha loses with the lowest score and basically gets humiliated.  I don't think she's going to be around for long now.  Plus, Ben thinks she smells sour...whatever the shit that means.

Next Up, Cocktail Hour.

Even with the rose already secure, Olivia snags some additional time with Ben.  The girls are pissed off.  Olivia doesn't care.  Let's rinse and repeat that for the entire season.

Lace is an insecure mess again and I have to give props to Ben for not kissing her.  I probably would have just to stop the awkwardness...and to prevent a potential murder.


Olivia, close ya mouth girl.

Lace, watch those tan line honey.

Something random, but I did notice that although Ben doesn't kiss a ton of the girls, he is touchy-feely with his hands.



Nothing to add here.

L.B. (self-eliminated after receiving a rose)

L.B. took herself out of the competition after she got the rose from Ben because it just wasn't the right situation for her.  I think she either couldn't handle the stress of she didn't think she had a chance to actually win.  Either way, it looks like she's doing alright post-show as she might be dating professional golfer Rickie Fowler.


Mandi, I'll see ya in Paradise.


She was too nice to be on The Bachelor and I don't think she'd make it in Paradise either, so I think this is the last we'll see from her in the Bachelor franchise.