Friday, January 29, 2016

My Favorite TV and Movie Scenes of 2015

I just wanted to throw out a quick blog on some of my favorite scenes from TV and Movies from 2015.  I'm a little behind on movie reviews but there will be a onslaught of them coming soon once I find a couple days to knock all of them out.

Unfortunately, HBO doesn't let you embed their videos so here's a couple of clips from shows from this past year if you're interested.

Silicon Valley - Dick Jerk Algorithm
Game of Thrones - The Night's King and The Army of the Dead
True Detective - Ray Velcoro Confronts Bully's Dad

So here are a bunch of my favorite clips from the past year...

Daredevil - Hallway Fight Scene.  Can't beat realistic fight choreography and the lighting, cinematography, and camera positioning are top notch.  It reminded me a bit of the fight seen in Oldboy.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Group Date introductions.  This was my favorite episode from the ninth season of Always Sunny.  Simple and hilarious.

Sicario - Bridge Scene - Crazy good action scene and you can read my review of the movie here.

American Sniper - Bar Scene. Bradley Cooper plays this scene superbly conveying so much emotion in a solitary moment.

The Leftovers - Homeward Bound.  I wanted to include the Nora and Erika scene that closed out Season 2 Episode 6 but I couldn't find that anywhere.  Justin Theroux is at the breaking point in pretty much every scene, always teetering the line of sanity.  It's a truly impressive performance from him.

Better Call Saul - Mike Scenes.  Every scene with Mike is better than the last.  I just like having him back in my TV watching experiences.

Review - Clovers the Imaginary Friend.  Review is quite possibly my favorite comedy on TV right now and the Clovers episode was the best of the best.

Mr. Robot - Elliot Confessing to his Therapist.  Rami.  Malek.  Yes.

The Revenant - Bear Attack Scene.  This one got taken down, but you've probably seen it out there or at least heard about it.

Ex Machina - Tear Up The Fucking Dance Floor

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Theme Song and Jon Hamm Dance.  Hamm remains one of the more underrated comedians working in TV today.