Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Playlist: Volume Nine - The Niner

Friday Playlist: Volume Nine - The Niner

I've put a little more folk/singer-songwriter into this playlist more than usual since I wasn't that blown away with some of the other genres of new music this week.  I really just go on how I like the music rather than trying to mix it up as much as possible.  Flume dropped his first new song in a couple years and I really dig it.  Tep No, who I'm not as familiar with has a new song called "Me and My Guitar" that sounds radio ready at this very moment, much in the vain of Kygo and that type of Tropical House music that's getting airplay time.

I, like the majority of Ray LaMontagne's fans, would like to see a return to the type of music he was making in his first three albums rather than continuing down the same path as his last Supernova album, but that's what it's looking like for his upcoming album after the first song, "Part One - Hey, No Pressure."  It's not that I don't like it, it's that I don't like it nearly as much.

I went a little more global on the rest of the playlist.  Newcomer Alexander Asp (Sweden) sounds right up my musical alley.  Francis (Sweden) has a hauntingly sweet sound.  Låpsley (England), a 19 year old from York, just released the second single off her debut album Long Way Home, that's backing music has a very Asian feel to it.  The mixing of her sound and that sound is unexpected but really cool to let wash over you.  AURORA's (Norway) music and persona are a little out of the norm, and I dig it. King Charles (England) and me go back to when he opened up for Mumford & Sons on their first US tour.  

The playlist is finished out by Blitzen Trapper, who I'm always into, and A R I Z O N A, which is a increasingly annoying band name to keep typing out.

Smoothie BONUS Playlist:

 Flume feat. Kai - "Never Be Like You"

 Tep No - "Me and My Guitar"

 A R I Z O N A - "I Was Wrong"

 Ray LaMontagne - "Part One - Hey, No Pressure"

 Alexander Asp - "Cold Winter Love"

 King Charles - "Choke"

 Francis - "Turning a Hand"

 Låpsley - "Love Is Blind"

 Blitzen Trapper - "Mystery and Wonder"

 AURORA - "Conqueror"