Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Playlist: Volume 3


Looks like you're stuck with my musical taste for this Friday afternoon.  I've mixed in a little dash from this genre and a little dash of that genre, so hopefully you can find something that tickles your fancy.  I decided to put it all into one YouTube playlist so that you don't have to click on a new video each time a song ends and there's an overall song list at the bottom with my 3 favorite tracks picked out.  Enjoy the weekend bitches!

Smoothie's Bonus Playlist.

I split up the playlist so that the first half of the playlist is more uptempo and chilled music and the second half gets more into the folk/rock vibes.

Songs include:
*Michl - "Kill Your Way To Heaven" - His first ever song release.
*Logic - "Lord Willin'"
Sigala - "Easy Love"
LostBoyCrow - "Talk Back To Me"
Kaptan - "Way Out"
Molly Moore - "Peace Of My Heart"
Astronomyy - "Something About U"
Steve Angello feat. Gary Go - "Prisoner"
*Wild Cub - "Thunder Clatter"
Lawrence Taylor - "Waiting For Your Love"
Blitzen Trapper - "All Across The Land"
Leon Bridges - "So Long" from the Concussion movie soundtrack

*My three top picks.