Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New York Giants Week 6 Recap

Philadelphia Eagles 27 - New York Giants 7

So it turns out that I should've just went to sleep after the first 5 minutes of the game.  The Giants received the opening kickoff and immediately trekked down the field on an opening drive that consisted of 8 plays for 80 yards in just 4 minutes and 37 seconds that looked like they would be able to put up about, roughly 600 points for the game.  Manning was pinpoint accurate, going 5 for 5, facing no 3rd downs, and capping off their drive with a 13 yard touchdown pass to Odell Beckham that he slithered into the end-zone.

Instead, basically everything went to shit for the rest of the game and the Giants got trounced by the Eagles in one of the all-around worst football games I've watched in a while.  Turnovers, penalties, and just a general shit-show all around on this one for the Giants.  Fortunately, it only counts as one loss and the Giants are still technically tied for first in the putrid NFC East (although the Eagles currently hold the tiebreaker).

Now, onto some quick hits from the game.

  • Larry Donnell's Fumble/Interception was the play that changed the tides in this one.  Manning was 10 for 10 up to that point and the Giants were once again marching down the field after forcing a quick Three-and-Out of the Eagles on their first drive.  Right on the cusp of the red zone, Eli hit Donnell perfectly and big Larry let DeMeco Ryans one-handedly take the ball from him and eat his lunch.  For how much praise Donnell gets as one of Eli's many weapons on offense, that dude's hands are garbage.  He's a complete prissy tight end (see also, finesse).  He had another drop later in the first half that was right in his hands for a big gain down the sideline.  For every nice catch he has, he has another drop and/or fumble to counteract it.
  • Rashad Jennings was actually pretty efficient running the ball, except for the fumble of course. He rushed for 63 yards on 13 carries for an average of 4.9 yards per carry.  The Giants had success running the ball when he was the single back in the lineup.  Every single time Andre Williams rushes the ball, it's basically a wasted play.  He had 5 carries for 6 yards and every single one of them looked like he was running straight into a brick wall.  Stop giving him rushes.
  • The offensive line across the board was pretty terrible.  They gave up 3 sacks after giving up only 4 in the first 5 games.  Connor Barwin had his way with Marshall Newhouse the entire night and probably gave him some pretty good nightmare material for the upcoming week.  Manning had no time in the pocket, threw 2 INTs (one was the Donnell pick but the other was a pick-6 that was completely on Eli), and tossed in a couple of underhanded intentional groundings that were classic Eli.  In his defense, he was running for his life the entire game.
In Eli's defense, that Eagles player was open.
  • Penalties crushed the Giants in this one too.  They had 12 penalties for 92 yards, 2 of which were drive re-starters for the Eagles that directly led to points for Philly.
  • Fucking DeMontre Moore.  This is why you can't have nice things.  On third and long, on the Eagles second drive, Moore picked up and slammed Bradford a good 4 seconds after he threw the ball.  It made literally no sense on any level and instead of punting, the Eagles were able to drive down the field for a touchdown.  And he wonders why he can't be trusted to be firmly in the D-Line rotation.
  • My new favorite player, Nikita Whitlock, got a bad running into the punter penalty that kept another Eagles drive alive.  In his defense, another Giant pushed him into the punter, but he has to be more aware in that situation.  On a brighter note, he had one of his patented spin moves when he came in for some defensive snaps, where he flattened Bradford and forced a bad throw that was intercepted.  It's incredible that every time he comes in on D, he gets to the quarterback on some nifty little spin move.  He's like a little Tasmanian Devil out there.
  • Just to make sure that we were pretty shitty on all aspects of the football game, punter Brad Wing actually looked like crap for the first time this season.  He had punts of 27 and 37 yards and couldn't get a good foot on the ball when we needed a distance punt.  He's phenomenal on directional kicks inside the 20 but I'm starting to get a little worried about his leg strength.
  • On a brighter note, Brandon Merriweather looked good once again.  I've always despised him before he came over to the Giants because of all his dirty and illegal hits but he seems to have learned how to tackle since coming to the Giants.  He had an INT, 2 passes defensed, 6 tackles and a monster (and completely legal) hit to break up a big completion.  Good on him.
  • The Giants forced 4 turnovers yet only scored 7 total points in this game.  Let that one sink in. There were literally plays like this the entire game, and the Giants only scored on their opening drive.

A quick look at Giants fans before the game...

That guy's buddy behind him is the epitome of what people think Giants fans look like.

And the look on their face after the game...

That's definitely the same guy and his friends.  So did he bring changes of clothes just for pictures?  I don't get it.  His hair does have some serious flow though, have to give him points on that.

On the flip side, there were Eagles fans at the game who looked like this...

I have three thoughts on this next video of a Giants fan getting a quick knockout after the loss.  One, what are you doing antagonizing people at an away game?  Two, Philly is still a bunch of scumbags. You really needed to punch this guy in the face when he's outnumbered probably 1,000 to 1?  Three, the video is a pretty good metaphor for the game as a Giants fan (minus the acid washed jeans).