Friday, October 30, 2015

Concert Review: Cold War Kids at Toad's Place

Cold War Kids

Opening Act: Didn't Make it in Time
Venue: Toad's Place
Location: New Haven, CT
Date: October 23rd, 2015

This marked the third time that I've been able to catch the Cold War Kids in concert and I have to say, this time was the best show of theirs so far.  I've had three completely different experiences seeing them so far.  The first was at Governor's Ball in New York City, the second time was at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun, and this third time was at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT.

So I've been able to see them with a festival sized crowd, a free show with a mostly sitting down crowd at a casino, and the third being their own concert where people paid money to specifically see that band.  Obviously the crowd and venue greatly enhanced the show, so this time at Toad's Place blew the other two shows out of the water.  Add into it the fact that they now have a third record to incorporate into their set list and that it was on a Saturday night, and you have the recipe for a pretty great time.

The Cold War Kids didn't go on until almost 10:45 which was kind of a bummer, only because I had to trek 40 minutes back home after the show.  If I had been going to Yale (hold your jokes), then I wouldn't have cared, but it's kind of a hassle when you make the trip down to New Haven to have the band go on stage that late.  It didn't detract from the show itself but the ride home sucked.  

The lead singer Nathan Willett has a really unique voice for a rock band.  It's a little higher than you would think but not in a falsetto way.  It cracks and strains more than anything else (in a good way) and his style completely gels and complements the music of the band.  The rest of the band is really energetic and uses the stage as they play, especially the bass player, Matt Maust.  That dude is in his own world all over the stage.  You can tell that most of these guys have been together for a while.

Here's the band's set list from the show:

Set List:
  1. Don't Let Your Love Get Away From Me
  2. Hang Me Up To Dry
  3. One Song At A Time
  4. Minimum Day
  5. Hot Coals
  6. All This Could Be Yours
  7. Audience 
  8. First
  9. We Used To Vacation
  10. Miracle Mile
  11. Cold Toes On The Cold Floor
  12. Royal Blue
  13. Drive Desperate
  14. Every Man I Fall For
  15. Hospital Beds
  16. Something Is Not Right With Me
  1. Mexican Dogs
  2. Saint John
Favorite Song: "All This Could Be Yours" just has the upbeat perfect live performance stuff going on.
Song I Wish I Heard: "Louder Than Ever" and it's not even close.  I know that they always like to close with Saint John but this song is ten times better.

Random Moment: I really wish they would've moved the fucking small tables and chairs from the standing area for the show but nothing really of note happened.


Some pics/videos from the show:

Pic courtesy of @shannonathena

Pic courtesy of @shannonathena