Friday, October 23, 2015

Bronze Radio Return Releases Their New Album, Light Me Up

The music industry has shifted from releasing albums and new music on Tuesdays, to now releasing everything on Fridays.  I'm digging the new Friday releases because it gives you a weekend to try and digest all the new songs coming out rather than reading reviews throughout the week before you even have a chance to get your hands on the music.  Last Friday, Bronze Radio Return released their fourth studio album, Light Me Up, much to my ears' appreciation.

Let's start off with the album right here so you can acclimated to BRR's newest stuff as you read on.

The sound of their newest album seems to build on the dynamic sound of the track "Melting In My Icebox" form the group's 2013 album Up, On, & Over.  In a review of that album, described it perfectly.

The textured rocker “Melting in My Icebox” prove that the band has matured into some fine swirl of roots rock meets R.E.M.

The sound of Light Me Up has a taste of the group's always infectious and upbeat style but a splash of roots-pop mixed in with it.  There seems to be quite a bit more of an electronic sound that leans more to a indie pop with tracks like "Light Me Up" and "Only Temporary" than the usual accompaniment of accordion and/or banjo that you might be more used to with their previous three albums.  That isn't to say that those elements are absent from some of the group's other tracks, for instance, songs like "Build a Stage" and "Good Company" throw back a similar feel to past albums and songs like their popular "Worth Wondering" off their debut album Old Time Speaker and "World Spin, Home Spun" off their album Up, On, & Over.  The new album overall has a much grander sound that could even further enhance seeing this already great live band on a larger scale.

Lead singer Chris Henderson likens the new record's sound to the good vibes and positive feelings you get during a live performance when people start getting into the music and the band is feeding off of that infectious energy.  You can definitely sense that in the record that works as yet another perfect road trip cruising soundtrack if you find yourself traveling in this crisp fall weather.

My personal Top 5 Songs on the album after my first listen through:

5. Keep or Lose/Pocket Knife
4. Good Company
3. Build a Stage
2. Only Temporary
1. Light Me Up

Robin Hilton and Bob Boilen recently reviewed the titular single off the album, "Light Me Up," on NPR's All Songs Considered podcast (starts at 28:15) and complimented the upbeat and joyous vibe that Bronze Radio Return is known for bringing in their music and more specifically to their live performances.