Friday, July 10, 2015

The True Ricky Ledo Story: Documentary Episode 1

Came across this really interesting video on Ricky Ledo and his journey through Providence (high school and college) and into the NBA by Corey Porter TV.  Corey usually has highlight videos from all of the PC Friars games during the year, but it's pretty cool to see him mix it up with something like this. 

Ledo is currently on the New York Knicks summer league squad with hopes of signing on with them for the upcoming season after scoring two 10 day contracts that rolled into a contract for the remainder of last season after he was a cut-casualty from the Mavericks in order to make room for them to sign Amare for their late season playoff push.

Although I never got to see Ricky play for the Friars due to ineligibility, I still wish him all the luck in the NBA with his strong Providence roots.