Thursday, July 9, 2015

Holtamania Continues; Brock Holt Named to the AL All-Star Team

Super Utility Man Brock Holt was named as a reserve to the American League All-Star team this week in a somewhat surprise pick by this year's manager, Ned Yost.  If I was going to guess which Red Sox player was going to be selected to the All-Star team this year, I would have went with Xander Bogaerts, you know, since he's the best shortstop in the American League and all.

Not that Holt isn't a deserving player, his .383 on-base percentage (as of Monday) is currently the best on the Red Sox and 7th overall in the AL.  I'm definitely stoked for Holt and I can see some of Yost's reasoning behind the selection.

Holt has played every position except pitcher and catcher this year and provides the AL team with endless options in an All-Star game that decides home field advantage in the World Series.  While I don't agree with the All-Star game being anything other than an exhibition game, the fact is, it does matter.  With Yost's Royals currently in first place in their division, it makes sense for him to be able to give himself as many options as possible.

The fact that the reserves are the ones who basically decide the end of the game is pretty ridiculous, but you play the hand your dealt.  The real reason why I think Holt was picked?  That impeccable lettuce.

Either that, or the fact that he's a dead ringer for Boston's own Matt Damon.

Not sure who put that pic together, but kudos to them.