Friday, May 1, 2015

New Music: The Wolf by Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons are coming out with their third album this year, titled Wilder Mind, after about 3 year hiatus.  The band is doing a little bit of a 180 and going the electric route in place of their usual acoustic/banjo combination that you've heard in the past.  They've added a drummer to the mix and their sound seems to be more suited to the size of the shows that they've been playing these past couple of years.

They are one of the few bands that can emote so well and that play so intensely that their acoustic sound can actually fill out a stadium, but this is a welcomed change of direction for the band to go in.  Most bands either stick with what they know (like, say, a Jack Johnson) or go completely out of the box (like MGMT's second album) and this seems to fall somewhere in the middle. 

The bones of the music stays true to Mumford & Sons but they are trying some new stuff out.  Their first single, Believe, is currently on the radio, and although it doesn't really have the sound of a first single, it's still a solid song that crescendos in the way that most Mumford songs do, this time with a bigger sound.

What I'm really psyched about is their next singe, The Wolf.  This song is the fucking tits.  They recently played it as their second song on SNL, and I can't get enough of it.

Here's another live version of the song if you liked the first one.

They seem to be sporadically releasing songs on Spotify from the upcoming album, so below are the other three songs that they've come out with so far.


"Snake Eyes"

"Hot Gates"

P.S. How about Winston's new look huh?  That new head of lettuce is pretty silky.



He's really got a Jared Leto thing going on now if you ask me, no?