Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Music - The Half Earth

It was actually pretty tough to find some information on how The Half Earth was formed or anything really about him but what I did find out is that he is from Sheffield and he sounds fucking brilliant.  In fact, their official website doesn't even have a bio on him.  I wanted to listen to some more of their stuff (His name is Conor Stephenson) but they only have a handful of songs on Spotify and they were all under 1,000 plays each when I first checked him out.

I alone am going to account for maybe doubling that number but I wanted some other people to give him a listen because I think he sounds pretty incredible.  I love everything about the people behind the Mahogany Sessions from the locations they pick to the way they film the performances.  Everything just fits so well with this performance.  His vibrato in his falsetto is crazy and he's able to sing with real a hint of real anguish which is pretty intense to a good way. 


He also did a song for the Mahogany Sessions at the beginning of March that is worth checking out if you dug the first song and have some time.  Although, it looks like he's wearing the same get-up so they probably just filmed them both a while ago but just released them a couple weeks a part.  Either way, you can watch them both now, so who cares when they were filmed.