Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jae Crowder Hits the Game Winner Against Toronto to Seal the 7 Seed for the Celtics

Well that is a hell of a way to wrap up the 7 seed for the Celtics.  I want to say that they have a actual shot at giving the Cavs a series since they have a top 3 record in the NBA since the beginning of February but it's so hard to tell for sure.

They're playing inspired basketball and they'll absolutely give Cleveland a fight every single game of the series but it may be more realistic to say we could steal a game, maybe two, and have these guys get a little wet from some playoff experience.

You know what?  Fuck that.  I hate LeBron.  Time to take that dude down.  

P.S. This picture of Hansborough makes me so happy.

Not to mention this throw down from Smart from last night.

The Celtics should absolutely offer Kawhi Leonard the max this summer.  Yeah, the Spurs will probably match that but everyone said that Dallas was going to match any and every offer on Chandler Parsons and look how that worked out.  Kawhi is in a very similar situation that James Harden was in a couple years ago.  He has everything pointing to the fact that he is going to be a superstar, and you HAVE to have one of those to win the title in the NBA.

The trick is to get a top 5 draft pick or bank on a guy who is ready to take that next step.  He wont be the same type of scorer as Harden but he a a legit top 5 defender in the league who likes primed to make the jump to the next level.  Imagine a perimeter defense of Smart, Bradley, and Leonard.  Teams won't be able to even get the ball over half court.

Then, after the Celtics give it to the Cavs in this series, Love is so impressed that he comes over to Boston to.  I can see all the seeds being laid out already...