Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm Already In Love With Mookie Betts & I Don't Care Who Knows It

Mookie Betts is special.  It's only about a week into the 2015-2016 MLB season and that is already an undeniable fact.  It's easy to see now why Ben Cherington and the Red Sox higher ups were unwavering in their stance to not include Betts in any possible trades for a front of the line starting pitcher before this season started.

He's already my new favorite player on a Red Sox team filled with a plethora of star power throughout their lineup.  Let's run through some of his highlights already in the infancy of this season so far.

We'll start with the bat.  Betts has already shown that he has some pop stored in his bat.  I'm sure his first home run of the season felt even more satisfactory in that it came against Cole Hamels, the pitcher that he was rumored to be in trade talks with before the season started.

And if Betts doesn't knock the ball out of the park, he can always just swipe a bag...or two for that matter.  He can make a real difference on the base paths with his speed and this play on Fenway's Opening Day is pretty damn amazing.  Just ask David Ortiz and Bryce Harper.

Maybe the only question (albeit a slight one) was how Mookie's glove was going to translate from second base to centerfield.  He made a couple of pretty awesome catches at the end of last year but it looked like he was a still getting comfortable out there.  Sometimes he was able to make a recovery because he's so athletic but from the looks of it, he looks more than comfortable out there to start the season.

I couldn't be more excited about the Mookie Betts era and it's now an absolute guarantee that he isn't going anywhere, no matter who the hell is available to get back in return.