Monday, March 9, 2015

The Bachelor Recap - Episode 9: Bali Fantasy Suites

The fantasy suites episode is usually my favorite of the entire season because I find it hilarious that all three girls will potentially be having sex with the same guy and then one of the three will be accepting a wedding proposal to said guy within a week of him banging two other chicks.

Granted, with Becca being a virgin, it won't be three girls having sex, but if she's chosen in the end it will be after he just had sex with two other girls AND hasn't had sex with her.  That just seems crazy to me, but I love watching it happen with other people...maybe too much so.

The three remaining girls (Kaitlyn, Whitney, and Becca) all head to Bali with Chris.

First Up, 1-on-1 with Kaitlyn.

They start off walking through some monastery where they basically can't touch...boring.

They play with monkeys...that's better.

I think Chris might still think she has a guard up but I'm not really sure that's the case.  You've only been on a handful of dates and you're still dating other girls, so it only seems natural for someone to be nervous (albeit an excited nervous) and vulnerable in this situation.  I think she's come a long way considering.

Fantasy Suite? Yes.
Her Response: I would love to.
His Response: I think we deserve it.

She does say that she's completely falling in love with Chris and he replies that he's falling in love with her too, which you normally don't hear from The Bachelor.  Is it weird that I'm a little hesitant because neither said I love you so that leave the door open for an easier breakup?

I have a sneaky feeling that she excels in that department.  Just call it a hunch.

Next Up, 1-on-1 with Whitney.

They start off going on a sailboat ride, which seems a lot better of a date than a monastery and some aggressive monkeys.

Whit does pull of a sneaky yet very forward move that might slip under the radar if you're not paying attention.  While her and Chris are lounging on the boat sipping some wine, she slowly drapes her arm right over his crotch-el region and just lets it rest there.  It's subtle but it says a lot.

Chris definitely has a complex about his small hometown but rightfully so.  The woman he marries should probably be ready to either pop out some kids pretty quick or have something in mind to do from home.  That's the only problem I see with Whitney.  She's worked so hard for her career and it's a big city kind of job.  On the other hand, I can see her giving that up to start a family with someone, but he may not want the responsibility that big of a decision bring with it.

Fantasy Suite? Yes.
Her Response: I've thought a lot about this and I think it'd be great.
His Response: I think some time alone is what we need to take things to the next level.

She's already said she loves him but he dropped yet another "I'm falling in love with you."

It wouldn't be a Whitney date without a bad joke at the end of the dinner.  Dropping a "check please," is such a Whintey move.

Next Up, 1-on-1 with Becca

Of course the 1-on1 with Becca has to involve some sexual prophet or whatever so that we can continue to think of her as a one-dimensional person with the only characteristic about her being that she is a virgin.  Even though she is the one who pretty much brought it up with him.

She leaves his questions about her being able to live in Arlington very open-ended and I think it makes him very uneasy about everything, so I think he's looking for some kind of validation.

He did say he's falling in love with her (just like the first two girls) but she didn't say it back which felt a little weird.

Fantasy Suite? Yes.
Her Response: I'm a virgin yo!
His Response: Let's just talk gurl!

I know it makes for good TV, but I would think she would just wait until they were alone in the fantasy suite without the cameras to talk about her virginity, no?

He doesn't really seem to care all that much about the fact that she is a virgin, but his inability to talk when any important topic comes up doesn't really show that.

Apparently their pillow talk didn't go so great that night because she talked about how she's still questioning everything.  Chris meets with Chris Harrison for a little pep talk before he goes to pick his final 2 girls.

Next Up, the Rose Ceremony.

The girls all show up in some kimono type get-ups and await his decision.  Chris pulls a fast one and wants to talk with Becca one more time before he makes his decision.

Whitney and Kaitlyn obviously think that he's walking her out but when he comes back, the mood is dire, to say the least.

During Becca and Chris' conversation, he basically twists her arm in order to make her say that she's falling in love with him.  I think that fact that she hasn't been saying anything like that makes him want to change her mind more than anything else.  I guess he likes the chase.

They come back.
Whitney, Rose.
Becca, Rose.
Kaitlyn, heartbreak.

Pure shock when Kaitlyn saw Becca coming back with Chris.

At least we have an actual good candidate for The Bachelorette.  She was by far the coolest chick on this season and really the only one of the final 7 or so that actually makes any sense whatsoever.

Jade is too shy and I think guys might try to play her because of her Playboy background.
Whitney is too boring (to carry the show).
Carly is too awful in every possible way.
Britt is too fragile and I also think she's a bit polarizing to the audience, even if I really like her.
Ashley I.?

It's a no-brainer to be Kaitlyn.