Sunday, February 1, 2015

RIP New York Giants Co-Owner Ann Mara

Ann Mara passed away at the age of 85.  The late widow of Giants owner Wellington Mara and co-owner with son John Mara loved the New York Football Giants more than just about anyone involved in any capacity with the team.

A couple of current players posted some Instagram thoughts and prayers for the Mara family, my favorite being a story from Antrel Rolle (who am crossing my fingers will come back to the Giants for next season).

Today we gained an ANGEL. Mrs Ann Mara was an all around blessing in the 5 years that I was fortunate enough to be in her presence. She has a legacy that will forever live on in her children, grandchildren & great grandchildren. Normally when u see a family with such class and genuineness you know it has to come from somewhere. That somewhere has to be Mrs. Mara. Football is a lot but it is not everything. I have never seen ownership take such pride in a franchise like this family does. From the top to bottom. People often ask me about Super Bowl 46 and my feelings towards it. Before the super bowl I remember Mrs. Mara having an accident. The team all knew about this fall. Sure enough as we board the plane to Indy...I look to the left and who do I see dressed in all black looking as good as she wants to look WITH AN ARM SLING! I knew then that we had all our troops aboard and ready for this battle that we were facing. It gave me a mindset that I was willing to do whatever it took to be victorious. She gave me that state of mind! I will forever be thankful for that moment. Not knowing she helped me tremendously. May she rest in peace now. There will forever be a 53 man roster for the NYG plus 1 woman! I want to send my condolences to the entire Mara family. Blessings.
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And perhaps Ann's finest moment, heckling Terry Bradshaw for never picking the Giants after they won the Super Bowl.  Get him girl!