Sunday, February 1, 2015

Games of Thrones Season 5 Trailer Released

We still have a couple of months before the 5th Season of Game of Thrones comes back in April (April 12th to be exact) but that doesn't mean you can get a little taste of things to come in the meantime. 

It's a little hard to get a gage on the exact storylines from the trailer, but everybody we've come to love or hate seems to be accounted for.  There's just so many characters floating around that we have to remember so I, like most people, am going to have to burn through the 4th Season sometime in March to re-familiarize myself with everybody.

Here's the new crop of cast members that will be popping up this coming season.  Most of them will be in Dorne, now that the home of the Viper will be a central part of the story.

P.S. Is winter ever going to actually get there?  The tagline for Season 1 was "Winter is Coming," and they keep saying that but it's been a couple years and still no winter...kind of weird but whatever.