Friday, January 23, 2015

Season 3 Trailer for Hannibal Released

I listed Hannibal as my number 4 favorite show of 2014, so it should be no surprise that I'm getting really pumped for the show once I saw there was a trailer for Season 3.  Unfortunately, it looks like it's not going to be coming out until the Summer of 2015 but that's no reason not to check the trailer out.

I actually kind of like that it comes out during the summer when nothing is really on.  Just when the next season of Game of Thrones will be coming to a close, Hannibal will be starting up.

I guarantee that if this show was on a network like HBO or even just a Netflix show that it would get so much more props than it does.

As is it, I'll just have to settle for me loving every season of it.

There were some great guest stars on last season, so let's see who we have to look forward to for Season 3.

1. Gillian Anderson

Scully is back for Season 3 after having been a slightly bigger part in Season 2.  She's been upgraded to a series regular.  She is aging like a fine win and getting pretty smoking as the years go by...little minx.  

She's also crushing it on Netflix's The Fall, which just came out with its second season.  If you need something to binge-watch, I'd recommend that.

2. Joe Anderson

I've been a big fan of Joe's for a while now as he's been quietly putting together a heck of a filmography but I'm not sure how familiar everyone else is with him.  He's been in thrillers like The Grey, The Crazies, and The Ruins (I'm not a huge fan of The Ruins but it wasn't the same old horror shit as most).  He's gone the musical route with the crazy good Control and the at times spectacular/at times plain dumb Across The Universe.  

He's going to take over playing Michael Pitts' character Mason Verger (the pig psycho).  Here's a disturbing pic for you of him from the upcoming season.

3. Richard Armitage

You might be more familiar with him looking like this from The Hobbit movies.

He''ll be joining the cast as a serial killer named The Tooth Fairy which I'm sure will be one part terrifying and one part disgusting.

Hopefully there will even be a couple more guest stars that get announced in the future.