Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pedro Martinez Elected to Hall of Fame - My Top 10 Pedro Moments

Last Tuesday, Pedro Martinez was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2015, receiving a vote on 91.9% of the ballots.  I still think it's incredibly stupid that some of the people who vote won't unanimously elect anyone to the Hall of Fame just because no one has ever been a unanimous selection.  Martinez will join Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, and Craig Biggio in the first 4 person Hall of Fame induction class since 1955.

If a person is a Hall of Famer, then they're a Hall of Famer...period.  Like, how can someone look at the career of Greg Maddux last year or Randy Johnson this year, and vote for other people on their ballot instead of them?  Whatever, that's nit-picking anyway.  Either way, they're going into the Hall, so who gives a shit really I guess.

Pedro Martinez was the single more impressive pitcher I've seen during my lifetime.  During the apex of his abilities (1997-2003), he was absolutely untouchable, especially during the 1999 season.

Career Record of 219-100 (.687, 6th highest winning percentage ever)
3,153 Strikeouts (13th all-time), led the league in strike outs 3 times (was top five 10 different times)
2.93 CAREER ERA during the height of the steroid era, led the league 5 times, including 4 years straight from 1999 through 2003
3 Cy Youngs
1 World Series ring with the Red Sox to end an 86 year drought.

But enough Pedro and his dominance, I'd rather list out my 10 favorite things/moments about Pedro over the years, in no particular order.

1. Pedro Strikes Out 5 in 2 Innings in the MLB All-Star Game at Fenway, wins the All-Star MVP.

Pedro mowed down Barry Larkin, Larry Walker, Sammy Sosa, Mark Maguire, and Jeff Bagwell with a strike 'em out, throw 'em out after Matt Williams reached on an infield error.  This was during the 'Chick Dig The Long Ball' era when everyone was on the juice, which makes it all that more impressive.

2. Pedro's little buddy and good luck charm, Nelson de la Rosa.

Pedro considered Nelson his little good luck charm during Boston's memorable run to the 2004 World Series.

Fun Fact, de la Rosa starred in the 1987 Italian horror film, Ratman.

3. Pedro Striking Out 17 Yankees at Yankee Stadium on September 10, 1999.

4. This Interview Excerpt of Pedro Talking About Sandra Bullock.

5. Pedro Tossing Don Zimmer to the Ground.

Yeah, it's not as much fun watching that one back as I thought it was going to be, but what are you gonna do?

5b. But he made up for it with the, "Who are you Karim Garcia?"

6. Six No-Hit Innings in Relief vs. The Indians in the 1999 ALDS.

Possibly the most incredible moment in Pedro's whole career.  It didn't even make sense how he did it.  And impossibly, this is the only video I can find that isn't a video of the entire game.

7. Pedro Fights

Nobody could intentionally hit a batter like Pedro and because he was so small, most guys didn't have a problem charging him.

7a. Pedro vs. Phillies' Mike Williams

7b. Pedro vs. Reds' Reggie Sanders - Both Pedro and Kevin Mitchell's haircuts are glorious.

7c. Pedro vs. Rays' Gerald Williams

8. Pedro Martinez's Crazy Alien Fingers

That certainly explains how a guy weighing a buck fifty could do the stuff he could with the baseball...at least a little bit.

9. All Of His Dugout Antics, Including the Time His Teammates Taped Him to a Dugout Pole.

Just two of my all-time favorite Red Sox having some fun.

10. That Time He Won The Fucking World Series.

Yeah, that was kind of a big deal in Boston.