Wednesday, December 31, 2014

UConn Misses Opportunities and Late Free Throws in OT to Lose to Temple 57-53

UConn 53 (6-5) - Temple Owls 57 (10-4) OT

The first half was up and down and the second half was mostly down, except for the last 4 minutes or so.  Overtime was a clinic on how to not move, pass the ball, or have anything resembling a competent offense.

Apparently without Boatright, this team has no idea how to run an offense or simply pass the baskebtall.  The total amount of turnovers (16) may have not been as high as it seemed, even though it was pretty high, but the timing and result of each turnover was more wrenching than the last.  

Hamilton really struggled in the 2nd half with all of the offensive creation responsibilities were put on his shoulders.  His ball handling isn't where it needs to be yet for a number 1 option, but he's a freshman who is still developing, so that's fine.

Overtime basically resets everything, so forget what happened in the first forty minutes of the game. Unless you continue to do the same exact thing.  Missed opportunities and everyone basically looking for someone else to make a play.

Hamilton got fouled on a three at the end of Overtime with UConn down 2 to Temple with 2.8 seconds left.  Unfortunately, with the down time while the refs looked at the time and where his feet were during the shot, the freshman Hamilton had too much time to think about the ensuing 3 foul shoots and proceeded to make exactly none of them (the third one intentionally).

That brought to light just how bad UConn was from the line today, going 8-19 from the stripe.  The offense looked despondent and tentative the whole game without Boat and this season continues to be a rough one as the Huskies start conference play off with a loss.

Some quick notes on the game:
  • Everybody welcome back Omar Calhoun to Husky relevance.  I already want him taking all of Sam Cassell Jr.'s minutes and to start dipping into Samuel's as well.  He may be the only actual shooter we have on the squad.  Why did he not play a single moment in OT when we had exactly zero offense (2 points in OT).
  • Boatright's injury better just be a day-to-day thing or else this team is in trouble against basically anybody.
  • Amida Brimah with the throw down and 1 during the Huskies comeback in the second half.

Next Up: The Huskies take on the Florida Gators in Florida at 2 PM on Saturday, January 3rd.