Thursday, December 4, 2014

OK, I'm Finally Ready to put my Thoughts Together from the UConn/Texas Game

#24 UConn (3-2) 54 - #7 Texas Longhorns (6-0) 55

OK, I think I'm finally ready to put down some of my thoughts from the UConn/Texas game now.

What the fuck?

UConn should've absolutely won the game.  They had every single opportunity to seal the victory, playing at home in Gampel Pavilion, a place where they haven't lost to a non-conference opponent since 2001 (45 games).   Instead, they let a signature win, both for them and the AAC conference that has been really floundering out of the gate, slip right through their fingers.

Not only that, but Texas was still without their best player, Isaiah Tayler, but no one would remember that come NCAA selection time.

The Huskies were up 6 with just over 6 minutes left, a didn't hit a single shot for the rest of game. Unbelievable.  Not only were their shots not falling, but they continued to foul, with Texas in the bonus, on the complete other side of the court.  Here's the quick recap of the end of the game.
  • Boatright makes his first free throw to go up by 2.
  • Boatright misses the second free throw.  I would've loved for him to make it so that even that we could've just guarded the three-point line but 
  • Myles Turner rebound.
  • Texas Timeout.
  • UConn Timeout once they see the Texas lineup and configuration.  UConn now has no timeouts.
  • Rick Barnes draws up a fantastic play (one in which the game's hero Jonathan Holmes was actually the 2nd option).
  • Pick for Holmes.
  • Holmes is open.
  • Holmes is still open.
  • Holmes is wide fucking open.
  • Holmes drills a three with 2 seconds left.
  • With no timeouts, they try an outlet pass to Terrence Samuel.
  • Terrence Samuel can't catch a ball.
  • Time runs out.
  • UConn loses.
  • Heart breaks.
  • Texas celebrates.
  • Ryan Boatright is on the ground clutching his ankle...if UConn fans didn't feel bad enough already.
Here's the video of the final shot.

Some quick thoughts on the game.
  • Texas' big guys are fucking big.  Two legit 7 footers with tree trunks as limbs.  They were playing Holmes at the three during parts of this game.  That's a 240 pound, 6'8'' guy playing small forward.
  • Hamilton was the only UConn player getting after it in the first half but for some reason they stopped going to him in the second half.  He was the only guy creating against the zone AT ALL.
  • Boatright found his offensive game in the second half after struggling to find good shots in the first.  He ended up with 24 points and 7 rebounds but on 8-21 shooting, and a lot of those early shots weren't even close.
  • Without Purvis and Omar Calhoun, the Huskies have absolutely zero shooting out of whatever guard is playing that is not Boatright.  Samuel doesn't even look to shoot.  I like his game but he has to be at least a threat to shoot.
  • Sam Cassell can't shoot brah.  I'm sorry.  You literally shot UConn out of this game.  If you hit one of your MANY open shots, UConn wins.  I'm not even exaggerating here.  He was so terrible.  He can't shoot threes but that's all he does anyway.  He was 2-11 overall in this game (1-7 from three) and is now shooting 20% from three on the season.  I guess his 25.7% from the field is better?  I'm guessing those other makes are all layups.  Please stop shooting threes.
  • Facey is so soft.  Dunk the ball.  Don't go up like a wuss.  Still does a decent job on the boards though.
  • I'm hoping The Boatshow is alright come next game or else Hamilton should be shooting no less than 30 times against Yale.

Next Up, Friday at Gampel Pavilion at 7 PM.  I watched Yale take on PC in Providence and they're actually pretty good so UConn better not sleep on them, because they can certainly beat them if the Huskies don't show up.