Monday, November 10, 2014

Steve Blake Tosses Kenneth Faried to the Ground...Remains Toughest White Guard in the NBA

Steve Blake wants us all to know that he retains the toughest white guard in the league title.  Faried admitted as much to taking a little bit of a flop on this one to get the refs full attention on what turned out to be a flagrant foul but I think that speaks to Faried maybe being a fake tough guy than Blake's personality.

Anyway, this clip got me thinking of some of Steve Blake's past altercations.  So here's a little rundown of them (I can't believe he's been in the league since the 2003-2004 season, just goes to show you that grit and toughness can give a guy an NBA career).

At the University of Maryland in practice fight with John Gilchrist.  I had totally forgotten about this one but it's pretty good because it's the only one that actually included any punches.

 Steve Blake vs. Jason Terry.


A little cheap-y push by Jason Terry and Steve comes back with his patented slow walk, scowl, and face-to-face trash-talking.

Steve Blake vs. Dwight Howard


Dwight is so soft it's unreal.  AmIRight Kobe?

But maybe my favorite Steve Blake moment of all-time, when he stole ball from Jay Williams going into halftime at the height of the Maryland-Duke rivalry.