Monday, November 10, 2014

Stand Up For Thanksgiving: A Rant

Year after year, Christmas commercials, movies, decorations, and greed flood our daily routines earlier and earlier.  I write this on November 10th, after seeing flashes of Christmas PRE-HALLOWEEN!  This is such an outrage.  It is about time somebody stands up for Thanksgiving.  

Christmas is great, I love Christmas season – who doesn’t?  What else has an entire season?  Music, decorations, movies, eggnog, candy canes – it’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all!

But enough is enough.  I put my foot down.  No Christmas music until December 1st.  Greedy Americans.

Pretty sure this is an accurate depiction of how it all went down

We are ignoring THE American holiday.  Thanksgiving! A wonderful holiday that is all ours – one that can’t be over commercialized because, other than dinner, there is nothing to buy! It is the best.  4 day weekend, football, (hopefully) mild weather, family, gorging yourself on homemade dinner – a freaking PARADE!  

Parades = Awesome Holiday (St. Patrick's/Thanksgiving, I'm looking at you)

Sure, it would be easier to avoid the Christmas cheer rush if Thanksgiving had more tangible aspects (maybe we should hype up the whole Pilgrim/Indian thing some more – feathers and buckle hats for everyone!), and lord knows we need more Thanksgiving music.  But let’s take a minute and appreciate what thanksgiving has to offer – and for the love of god, keep your Christmas cheer in December.

An all time classic – being about thanksgiving is just an added bonus.

Hallmark knows what’s good. (Ignore the Santa outfit.)

Nightmare inducing joyride – Watched this one every Thanksgiving, maybe because my family is insane.