Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Concert Review: Brett Dennen at the Infinity Music Hall

Brett Dennen

Opening Act: Odessa
Venue: Infinity Music Hall
Location: Hartford, CT
Date: October 21, 2014

I've been wanting to go to a show at the new Infinity Music Hall in downtown Hartford for a while now but I haven't come across anyone that I've actually wanted to go see live yet.  So when I saw Brett Dennen, I thought, I know a couple of his songs, SOLD! 

Now, based on pictures I've seen of him, I was expecting a little scrawny guy.  I mean, wouldn't you after seeing this...

In actuality, Dennen is freaking huge.  Not your typical singer-songwriter I guess.  Maybe if the cameraman in these other pictures just took a step back, I would have seen an image more like this...

The Infinity Music Hall is a pretty cool venue.  The have a bar/bistro attached to it that you can get a bite to eat and a drink at before the show which is pretty cool.  Inside, they have a bar at the back and seating for 400 in a traditional theater style and 100 in the mezzanine.  It was cool to see a guy like Brett Dennen play an acoustic show in this setting but I wonder how an electric show with a full band would be.  I feel like I'm used to a House of Blue or Terminal 5 setting where it's all standing room.

The one drawback about a venue like this during an acoustic show is you can pretty much hear everyone standing back at the bar.  Maybe the acoustics can actually be a little too good for a music venue after all.

As for the show, Odessa was the name of the band that opened up for Dennen.  Odessa is a sweet and tender who was joined by her guitarist on stage to open with a beautiful sounding set.  Unfortunately for some of it, some people near the bar were being a little inconsiderate, but she made enough of an impression on me to look her up afterwards.

Her story is actually a pretty interesting one.  She started with playing music in a friend’s office to being overheard and picked up for a licensing deal and before she could blink, her song was being featured in a National commercial.  Kind of cool if you ask me.

Here's a track of hers to check out if you're interested, and her website

Brett Dennen played a very laid back set for his show, featuring a lot of songs on his first self-titled album.  It looks like I'm 0 for 2 so far with concert reviews that have setlists that I can post but I can remember a couple of songs from his show and I know he closed out with fast song, Comeback Kid (That's My Dog) which was a nice way to send you off on a high.

Other songs that I remember he played are Wild Child, Blessed, By & By, She's Mine, So Long Sweet Misery, and The One Who Loves You Most.

He has such a cool tone to his voice and he just seems like a good dude who you'd want to grab a couple beers with and sit around a fire playing sing-along tunes.  His new stuff actually has a slight Tom Petty feel to it.  And who the fuck doesn't like Tom Petty?

This live version of "Wild Child" gives the feel of how it was in concert since he's playing solo.  The crowd was probably the most into this song during his set.

"Ain't No Reason"

Favorite Song: "Wild Child"
Song I Wish They Played: "Sydney"
Random Moment: He sells a signed painting that he does the day of the show after the show is over and from the looks of it, he's actually pretty talented.


A couple pics from the show. only taken between songs so I can give the music my full attention of course.