Monday, October 6, 2014

NY Giants Keep Rolling, Show They Can Play From Behind to Beat the Falcons 30-20 at Home

NY Giants 30 - Atlanta Falcons 20

The New York Giants completed a comeback yesterday against the Atlanta Falcons at Home in MetLife Stadium to continue their winning ways, making it 3 in a row, and proving that this type of offense has the ability to come from behind when necessary.

The offense started slow and didn't look to have the same pinpoint precision that it had shown the last couple of games.  They seemed to figure things out in the second half and put up 20 unanswered points after going into the half down 10.

Even with Rashad Jennings going down with a knee injury, the Giants were able to consistently move the ball in the 2nd half against a Falcons D-Line that applied little to no pressure all day.  The Falcons were without most of their starting O-Line as well and the Giants pass rush were able to capitalize on that as the game went on.

Some quick hits form the game:

  • First Round pick Odell Beckham, Jr. was finally able to get in the game this year after being sidelined since the very first day of Training Camp with a hammy.  And he looked every bit as good as advertised, and he's only just getting involved in the offense.  He caught 4 of the 5 passes thrown to him, including a great readjustment for a touchdown.

  • Beckham was getting separation all day, and with more reps and eventually more snaps, he adds a completely new dimension to this offense.  Cruz, Randle, Donnell, Beckham as your four receivers is pretty deadly.
  • P.S. Beckham looked fucking lightning fast.
  • Not too bad of a TD celebration either.
  • Not to mention the fact that the other rookie, Andre Williams, looked tough as hell added a touchdown of his own...bowling over a Falcons defender in the process.
  • Osi was able to get his first sack of today...and I'm fine with it since we won and Eli seems fine.  See you next year Osi.
  • The played a tribute video for Osi during warm-ups, much like the did for Ahmad Bradshaw in his first game back.  He was a part of two Super Bowls for the Giants afterall.  I wish I could find that video somewhere.  Classy move either way.
  • Jennings is reportedly going to be fine for the next game on Sunday night against Eagles, who look vulnerable despite their 4-1 record.  They've beaten the Jags, Colts, Washington, and St. Louis.  Those teams are a combined 5-13, and most likely 5-14 after Washington plays Seattle tonight.
  • Eli's up to a 66.3% completion percentage...creeping on that 70% goal.
  • The last three games, Eli has 8 TDs to 1 INT, and the interception was a Randle drop in the end zone that should have been a TD, and he's completing 70% of his passes.
  • The Giants are over .500 for the first time since 2012, which seems crazy, but then again, not really if you start a season 0-6.

Next Game: Sunday Night, Prime time, against the Shit Bird Eagles.