Friday, October 3, 2014

Music: Ryan Adams - "Feels Like Fire"

Ryan Adams
“Feels Like Fire”

I just want to say, first of all, that I love this album.  It has everything that I really like about Ryan Adams.  His last two albums, Ryan Adams and Ashes & Fire, are the combination of my perfect ideal Ryan Adams album.  Granted, I always thought it was weird when a musician releases their self-titled album as anything later than their 2nd album, but otherwise, I have no complaints about the latest batch of songs from Adams.  I recently saw him headline the Saturday of the Newport Folk Festival this past summer and besides his banter being top-notch (although I could’ve done with it after every other song instead of after every single song but whatever), the songs of his new album fit right in with the more well-known songs of Ryan Adams past.

“Feels Like Fire” is my favorite track of the album but his first single, “Gimme Something Good” is absolutely right up there.  

The album is very blues-y rock but accompanied by the superb songwriting ability of Adams to take it to that next level of awesomeness.  Adams is renowned for writing and discarding more songs per album than most people write over the course of five albums, so I can’t even imagine what kinds of other tracks that missed this cut and are sitting around unfinished in his studio sound like (Adams recently bought his own studio in L.A.).

Even though Adams churns out albums like a rapper does with mixtapes, he still has complete concept albums that he’s recorded and then decided that he didn’t want to release anymore.  I need to get a hold of some of that material.  He did release his latest one with songs that are the baby seeds of full songs and are each about a minute or two long on the album 1984.  Each song is basically a half-baked idea for a song but they still exude a kind of coolness that follow Adams’ songwriting ability.

I would recommend “Look In The Mirror” for my favorite off of that album.

Most Recommended Listen: Other than “Feels Like Fire” and “Gimme Something Good,” check out “Kim” and “My Wrecking Ball”
Rating: 9/10

Here's some pics from the Newport Folk Festival this year of Ryan Adams as well.