Friday, October 3, 2014

Music: Hoodie Allen - "Dumb For You"

Hoodie Allen has been working on his self-proclaimed “real debut album” that will be titled People Keep Talking for quite some time now and is getting ready to drop it on October 14th.  He has already released a couple of singles on Spotify including “Movie,” ”Act My Age,” and ”Numbers,” to go along with my personal favorite “Dumb For You.”  These songs definitely have a more polished feel to them and to his credit they do feel like they’re more a part of an album then his earlier releases, which had much more of a mixtape vibe to them. 

You can actually feel the presence of a producer on Hoodie’s new tracks and each of them seems more rounded out with much more instrumentals involved.  His first two albums, All American and Crew Cuts, seemed like he was having more fun making them then concentrating on the overall quality of his sound.  On mixtapes you see a ton of sampling which was the case with his first two albums, including samples from Elli Goulding, Death Cab, and Two Door Cinema Club.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I really like a lot of song on the two albums, but you can definitely feel that he was more focused and took more time on the People Keep Talking album, thus the whole “real debut album” description that he’s attaching to it.

The first single of his album, “Show Me What Your Made Of” was released back in May with an accompanying Happy Gilmore parody video.

The song is definitely more ‘radio-friendly’ then a lot of the stuff he’s come out with before and sounds more poppy than usual.  I’m not the biggest fan of this one but whatever.  I’m never going to be a fan of everything anyone does in music anyway.  It’s good to try different stuff anyway, AmIRight?  In anticipation for his upcoming album, Hoodie released a song called “Nolan Ryan” that took shots at rappers G-Eazy, Mike Stud, and Riff Raff.  Mike Stud followed back with a diss song of his own, followed by Hoodie’s reply with “Little League,” and one more comeback from Stud.  Rap feuds pretty much make everything better but I couldn’t really care less about a guy who went to UPenn (Hoodie Allen) and a guy who went to Duke (Mike Stud) going back and forth with one another, but maybe that’s just me.

I’ve already written about his song “No Faith In Brooklyn” from his All-American album so I’m definitely a fan of his.  I’m excited to see the more polished version of Hoodie Allen and the different sounds he can bring to his upcoming album.