Friday, October 3, 2014

Larry Donnell Sits Himself in Fantasy Football, Ends Up Losing Because of It -- A dream game for New York Giants tight end Larry Donnell in Week 4 quickly turned into a nightmare scenario for at least one fantasy football owner last week: Donnell himself.
Donnell told The Record that he benched himself in favor of San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis in his fantasy lineup -- and lost as a result.
Davis, who was sidelined by back spasms most of the second half, had two catches for eight yards Sunday. Donnell? A career-best seven catches for 54 yards and three -- count 'em, three -- touchdowns in the Giants' 45-14 win over the Washington Redskins on Thursday.
"Would've won if I played me," Donnell told The Record after practice Wednesday. "During the game, I'm like, 'Really?' That's the honest truth."
Donnell's team, which also features quarterback Drew Brees, running back Frank Gore and wide receivers Anquan Boldin and Mike Wallace, lost by 15 points.
On the plus side, Donnell said his performance last week was enough to earn himself a promotion.
"Oh yeah," he said of his starting lineup this week. "I'm in there."

New York Giants Football Players...THEY'RE JUST LIKE US!
It looks like us regular folk aren't alone in our terrible management of our fantasy football teams. Granted, if I was actually on my own fantasy football team, there is now way in hell that I wouldn't start myself during a game.  It's like Pete Rose betting on baseball.  Yeah, he may have bet on his team when he was the manager, BUT, be only bet on them to win, never to lose.
It looks like Eli is back to his old ways of turning any tight end into a viable weapon on the football field.  Donnell has huge size (6'6''), great hands, and is a giant mismatch in the Red Zone.
P.S. If I was in Larry Donnell's fantasy football league, I would have ABSOLUTELY took Donnell with one of my picks so that he couldn't pick himself.  He would have either traded up big to try and acquire himself, or he would have been scoring against himself at some point.  Half of fantasy football is a mental game and playing with your opponents psyche.
P.P.S. I pretty much love Larry Donnell these days.  Who wouldn't?