Thursday, October 16, 2014

Damien Rice Announces His First Album Release in 8 Years

Damien Rice
"I Don't Want To Change You"

Damien Rice is finally coming out with his 3rd album, entitled My Favourite Faded Fantasy (he's Irish, so of course favourite is spelled like that).  This is Rice's first album in 8 years, which is way to fucking long to have to wait for a Damien Rice album.

Having only two albums, he might be the only artist where I have his entire catalog on CD, so that's something.  For some reason, I always like his albums didn't come in those cheap plastic containers that would crack so easily and have the CD fall out of them every time you opened them.  Instead, they came with a pocket inside a heavy paper-type material that the CD would slide into.  I don't know why, but I liked that.

His new album is due out October 31st, which is a little weird since it's Halloween after all....and a Friday.  But what the hell, I'll take a new Damien Rice album any way I can get it.

Rice was one of my favorite singer/songwriters (if you want to throw labels on stuff) since college, and for some reason, about once a year since his last album, I tried to look up if he was working on any new material...well fiiiiiinally, my persistence has paid off.

Both of his previous albums, O and 9, are perfect from start to finish, so my expectations are obviously sky high with 8 years of anticipation that I've had bottled up.  His music is heart-wrenchingly beautiful on a different level than almost anyone else I've ever heard.  It's as if you can feel his emotion straight through a song, which is a rare and special gift.  His music alone, makes the movie Closer, at least twice as good.  But, OK, I get it, enough gushing.

Here's my top 5 favourite (he spelled it that way, so I will too) Damien Rice songs to get you ready for his new material in the mean time.

In no particular order (and this was way too hard for only having two albums)...


"9 Crimes"

"The Blower's Daughter"

"Lonelily" - If only because some people may not know it because it's a B-Side

"Rootless Tree" - If only for the live performance, which is fucking brilliant.

And Delicate....and Amie...And Grey Room...And Volcano and all the other songs too.  Screw it, here's Volcano too.