Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nasim Pedrad Doing A Spot-On Aziz Ansari Impression

First of all, let me say, that I am a huge Nasim Pedrad fan.  Not so much her characters, which are always quirky little guys, but she seems like such a room-temp chick.  She obviously pretty funny since she's on SNL, but she is damn hot too.  

I've never really gravitated to Middle Eastern chicks, but she definitely does it for me.

Anyway, her impression (fast-forward to the end) is spot on.  It kind of flabbergasts me that this would be cut from the actual show.  I mean, how long was this, like 10 seconds?  This could have easily been a recurring character like Kim K was for her.

Just as a side note, Nasim is going to be the lead female role in the new comedy coming up from former SNL writer John Mulaney.  The show is called "Mulaney" (shocker) and basically looks like an updated version of Seinfeld.  Those are some pretty gigantic shoes to fill but I like Mulaney's stand-up and it's great to see Pedrad get a crack at a big role outside of SNL.

The show premiers on FOX on Sunday October 5th.

And now, just a couple pics of my girl Nasim.

How'd this get in here?