Thursday, September 18, 2014

Concert Review of the 9/12/14 Lone Bellow Concert at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun

Musical Act: The Lone Bellow
Venue: Wold Den at Mohegan Sun
Location: Uncasville, CT
Date: 9/12/14

I've decided to start writing reviews of each show I go to since I tend to go see a lot of concerts.  I may even retroactively do some reviews (only as far back as this year) if I have some free time, but we'll just wait and see on that.

Now, any show at the Wolf Den is already a positive since, one, it's so close to me, and two, it's free. So right off the bat we're starting off on a good foot.  There are a couple downsides to the venue (I know, it's free, I should just shut the fuck up) that take it down a peg or two as well.

You can't order food there.  It kind of sucks that you can't order food before the show starts or anything because you want to get a good seat, so you may get there a little earlier than usual.  And the shows (which are only about an hour and fifteen minutes) start at 7 on a weekday and 8 on a weekend. It's hard to get home on a Friday and make it down there at a decent time, while also finding some time to get food.

But anyways, back to the show.  This is the third time I've seen The Lone Bellow.  I caught them at the 2013 Newport Folk Festival and also a little less than a year ago at the Wolf Den. They are absolutely a great band to see live.  They always have so much energy and a humble appreciation for the audience.

The Wolf Den is a tough place to get the audience going for a couple reasons.  There are all the sounds of the casino going on around you (at least there were no howling wolves this time), there's really no standing room for people to get into your performance with the odd set up of the seating, and the best seats are reserved for the high rollers as perks for their business.

I did my best to crush as many BLs as possible so I wouldn't feel uncomfortable about singing in an otherwise awkward situation and succeeded splendidly...maybe a little too much so.  The Lone Bellow sounded fantastic and their voices were superb throughout the performance.  They even through a couple of new songs out there during their set.  They mentioned that they're working with The National's Aaron Dessner on their new album which is basically a combination of two of my favorite things in music.

Here's a taste of a new song of theirs (from Boston at the Paradise Club)

So I guess I'll list my favorite song from the show, a song I wish they played, and a random moment that I enjoyed.

Favorite Song: "The One You Should've Let Go"
Song I Wish They Played: "Teach Me To Know"
Random Moment: Lead singer Zach Williams' random story about him and his uncle.  I don't want to do this but you really did need to be there.  It won't be the same if I rehash it.


I enjoyed their last two performances a little more than this one which is to take absolutely nothing away from them because they are an unbelievable live show.  I just enjoyed the Newport Folk Fest show and the first time I saw them at the Wolf Den a little better.  What I really need to do is see them at a small venue that's an actual music venue so I can belt out the lyrics as loud as humanly possible.

Either way, I recommend you listen to them...STAT.

Here are some pics I got from the show.