Monday, August 4, 2014

Slim Charles Stabbed in a DC Night Club

CBSNEWS - WASHINGTON - Actor Anwan Glover -- known for playing Slim Charles, a gang member in the TV series "The Wire" -- has been stabbed at a District of Columbia nightclub.
According to a police report obtained by The Washington Post, Glover told investigators he was at Cafe Asia in downtown Washington on Saturday night when an unknown person punched him and another person hit him on the back of the head.
Glover told police he was then kicked repeatedly and felt a sharp pain in his side. During the incident, someone yelled "He has a knife."
Glover, who is also the founder of a popular go-go band, was treated for a laceration at George Washington University Hospital. The 41-year-old actor lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, and most recently appeared in the Oscar-winning movie "12 Years a Slave." He has also participated in anti-violence campaigns.
CBS affiliate WUSA in Washington, D.C., reports that Glover has been shot several times before. Additionally, his son was once reportedly shot for his shoes.

Slim Charles was one of the most underrated characters on a show that was absolutely littered with them.  With an incalculable number of people coming in and out of scenes in The Wire, it was almost impossible to remember everyone's name but Slim Charles made an impression on me across the series. It was probably due to his awesome name and the way he talked with that low tone of a 75 year old smoker in a 20-something Gumbi frame

Slim, real name Anwan Glover, is apparently doing OK, but I think the real thing I took away from this story (aside from him already being shot fucking 13 times), was that he is the co-founder of a Go-Go band.  What?!?  I don't know what a Go-Go Band sounds like but apparently they're called the Backyard Boys.

Here's a listen:

They look like a big rap group but I think it has to be a ton of drums and a big brass section but I literally have no idea.  The last couple minutes where they just yell,"Give Me Some Head," over and over is genius songwriting.

Anyway, here's to a quick recovery for Slim.