Monday, August 4, 2014

New Music - Shakey Graves featuring Esme Patterson - "Dearly Departed"

Shakey Graves featuring Esme Patterson
"Dearly Departed" 

Shakey Graves (real name Alejandro Rose-Garcia) is a musician out of Austin, Texas that is really starting to get some traction with his incredible live performances across the country.  He's been performing at smaller festivals and shows over the past couple of years and really gaining a following based on word-of-mouth...which should tell you that he gives a damn good live performance.

He is a one-man band who utilizes a kick drum made from an old suitcase, his guitar, and a dark lyrical twist on folk music.  It's amazing how much he can captivate an audience standing on the stage by himself but his unique sound really grabs and holds an audience's attention.  He's recently added a drummer to a couple songs on his set which adds some cool nuances to his performances as well.

He has released two albums so far, an EP called Donor Blues and a full length album entitled Roll The Bones.  His follow-up to Roll The Bones, titled And The War Came, is due out 10/7/14 and will feature the song "Dearly Departed." 

If you wanted to check out the acoustic live version with Esme from SXSW at the Pandora House, here you go.  My only regret about seeing him perform this song at the Newport Folk Festival was that Esme wasn't there to duet with really adds to the dimension of the performance and the harmonizing is fucking great.

Here's a look at a live performance of his song "Roll The Bones" so you can get yourself hooked like me.

Here's his website so you can check out more of his stuff if you are so inclined.

And for those of you located around these parts, he plays in Norwalk, CT on August 24th at Pinkney Park.