Friday, August 22, 2014

My 10 Favorite Ice Bucket Challenges So Far

A quick list of my ten favorite celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges so far, in no particular order.  That's it.

Hugh Jackman/Rooney Mara/Garrett Hudland/Levi Miller

The cast and crew of Pan are leading off the list basically just because I just like listening to Hugh Jackman talk.

P.S. Rooney Mara is tiny.  Her and that little kid look like they're pretty much the same age.

50 Cent

I don't really feel on way or the other on 50 Cent's actual Ice Bucket Challenge video, but any time anyone calls out Floyd Mayweather, I'm all for it.  Also, I don't think Floyd can actually read.

Shakira/Gerard Pique

I'll take videos of Shakira basically doing anything but this one gets the nod because she nails her hubby Gerard Pique in the face with a metal pot.

Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner

Ehhh, maybe a little over the top for me but you throw Jennifer Garner in basically anything and I'll like it.  13 Going on 30 is a top 10 chick flick that I can re-watch a million times.

Paul Bissonnette

In case you didn't know (and I didn't), Paul Bissonnette is a professional hockey player.  This thing is basically like a movie and has better production quality than half the shit on TV these days.

Anna Kendrick

Because she's Anna Kendrick.

John Krasinski/Emily Blunt

Much more for Emily Blunt's video than John Krasinski's.  A celebrity couple that I'd actually want to hang out with.

Larry Bird

The Legend being a legend.

P.S. How about those socks in the tub?  Who does that?  Larry does, that's who.

Dikembe Mutombo

Any time that Dikembe Mutombo is talking or basically doing anything, it's hilarious.  I could watch a show 24/7 that just follows him around doing normal shit and it would be absolutely the best thing in the world.

Chris Pratt

Star Lord can do no wrong right now.  Quite possibly my favorite celebrity in Hollywood right now and a good dude who deserves all the success he's getting.  OK, enough serious shit, now watch his Ice Bucket Challenge.