Wednesday, August 6, 2014

David Wilson Advised By Doctors to Stop Playing Football

Sad news to hear that New York Giants running back David Wilson won't be playing football anymore, both from the point of view of a Giants fan, but more importantly, from the point of view of just being a human being.  His career never really got started with the Giants after being drafted out of Virginia Tech in the first round of the 2011 NFL draft.  I was really excited about him back then and always held out hope based on his big play ability, that he would turn that potential into Sunday results.

He struggled with some fumbling issues early on but was still a threat to break a play loose at any given moment.  His returning skills kept him playing through his rookie season and with Andre Brown going down with an injury last year, Wilson was set up to take the load of the carries.  Unfortunately, he suffered a neck injury in Week 5 that year and continued to have set backs ever since.

Here's Wilson's heartfelt Instagram about giving up his dream of continuing in the NFL.  The best part of this is that he's showing great maturity in this situation and so I feel confident that he is going to handle this well going forward.

"At age 8 I told my #Dad I wanted to play football in THE NFL at this point in my life I have done that. Even Blessed to be drafted in the 1st round. Broke and set RECORDS, scored Touchdowns, and all that follows. It's a great feeling to live a out dream. Unfortunately that has been paused but I am blessed that I am able to walk away from this game healthy and still able to be me with no restrictions pain or struggle and So all I ask is please don't be sorry or pity ME that's just one chapter life goes on and I'm glad I can live it. Once a Giant always a #Giant #pocketrocket"

Stay strong David.

So, no more back flips in the end zone to look forward to, but Andre Williams looked really good in the first pre-season game against the Bills this past weekend.  Unlike Rashad Jennings, who looked like he was running in quicksand, Williams showed a really good burst and a propensity to slip tackles, a skill that made him college football's top leading rusher last year.  

Even though most of Williams' work came against the 2nd string defense of the Bills, I liked what I saw.  On the other side of things, even when Jennings got in open space, he looked a step slow.

Williams has a really long stride, stays low to the ground, and according to the Giants, they really like him in goal-line situations.

I'm not loving the idea of 5 pre-season games this year and I know that they mean absolutely nothing, but it was still nice to come away with a win anyway.