Thursday, July 31, 2014

Newport Folk Festival 2014 Recap

This year marked my 3rd annual trip to the Newport Folk Festival.  The headliners for each year seem to get bigger and bigger with each year I go there.  This year was the first time that I was able to make all three nights instead of just Saturday and Sunday.  

In the past, Friday had only been about 5 musical acts and was a much smaller day and at a different venue just two years ago.  Now, Friday is an entire other day at Fort Adams, filled with great folk musicians.

Here is the list of groups that I actually got to see while I was in Newport last weekend:

Jenny Lewis
Band of Horses
Ryan Adams
The Oh Hellos
Benjamin Booker
John Reilly & Friends
Shakey Graves
Deer Tick
Nickel Creek
Jack White
Gregory Alan Isakov
Hurray for the Riff Raff

I would say that Band of Horses, Ryan Adams, Shakey Graves, and The Oh Hellos were my favorite acts of this year.

Benjamin Booker was my least favorite.  Not to just crush anyone who played at the festival but he just screams his lyrics and after one or two songs it's just hard to listen to.

Here's a couple videos from the weekend from my favorite acts.

Ryan Adams - "My Wrecking Ball" - New song off his upcoming album in September.

Ryan Adams - "Gimmie Something Good" - His first single off his new album.

Shakey Graves - "Roll The Bones"

Band of Horses - "Is There A Ghost" - Still wasn't expecting them to play this one, but it was awesome.  They sounded great live.

The Oh Hellos - "The Truth Is A Cave + The Valley (reprise)" - The surprise act of the Festival for me.  So much energy and positivity in their set that really seeps through to the audience.  Plus, how many fucking people are in this band?  They somehow multiply the energy with each additional person.

All and all, another successful Newport Folk Festival weekend.  The weather was brilliant on Friday and Saturday, with only a small hiccup of rain to start off Sunday.  I'm hoping a know a few more bands and artists going into the Festival in 2015 but it's also cool to discover new music there.

Here are the pics that I was able to get from this year...

 Band of Horses

Ryan Adams

John C. Reilly & Friends

The Oh Hellos

Jack White

Newport, RI

Hurray for the Riff Raff