Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NY Giants Draft Profile: Bennett Jackson

Round: 6
Pick: 11
Position: CB
College: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Now, a 6th round pick has a hard enough time making the team, let alone playing in any games, but you can also never have enough good defensive backs.  Last year, the Giants had to deal with Stevie Brown tearing his ACL, Will Hill being suspended, Terrell Thomas trying to come back from a 3rd ACL tear, and Corey Webster showing us why the Giants should have cut him the year before.  You never know what can happen in a season, so depth is key, especially at CB.

If all else fails, I think he can compete right away on special teams.

The Giants were able to hit on Ahmad Bradshaw in the 7th round in 2007, so you never know.  Jackson is another high character guy who seems to have the right competitive drive and work ethic to make an impact in whatever role the Giants see fit for him during his rookie campaign.

Here's a nice little list of the best 6th round picks from 1995 through 2012 in the NFL Draft to give you some extra hope for Mr. Jackson.

Good to see my man Dhani Jones making the list.

Some quick hits on Bennett Jackson, New York's last pick in the 2014 draft:
  • Began his career at Nortre Dame as a wide receiver but after excelling in a mostly special teams role as a Freshman, was moved to cornerback.  So, you know he has good hands.
  • Majored in Film, Television, and Theatre at ND, so I already know I like him.  He might have that Matt Saracen creative side that Street was talking about.
  • This picture is awesome.
  • Here's his reaction to being drafted by the NY Giants in the 6th round:

  • He seems like a pretty down to earth dude that would be cool to have a beer with.
  • At 6 feet tall, he has good size for a CB.  He showed good speed and agility at the combine to go along with his above average hands.
On to the highlights...