Friday, May 23, 2014


Guess who's back.

Back Again.

Drew is back.

Tell a Friend.

The Boston Red Sox have re-signed my boy Stephen Drew to save the team from utter dispair.  The Red Sox haven't been clicking on offense (besides Big Papi) or defense this year and have especially been lacking on the left side of the infield.

Xander has struggled defensively at times in his transition to SS and Middlebrooks has either been on the DL or embarrassingly ineffective again.  The plan to try and let the young guys shine this year hasn't worked out 1/4 of the way through the season with X-Man, Middlebrooks, and JBJ all struggling, although Xander has come on over the past 3 weeks or so.

So, Cherington had to sure some things up (I'd still like some depth in CF if they can get it or bring Nava back up and see if he's figured things out in his time down in AAA), so back comes Stephen Drew.  Cherington had to make this move before the draft, otherwise other teams could've signed Drew without having to give up a draft pick stemming from the 1st round tender the Sox had put on him after the end of last year.

Drew's agent, the loathsome Scott Boras, basically cost Stephen $4 million dollars by not taking Boston's initial offer of $14.1 million for 1 year, hoping he would get a multi-year deal from another team.  Instead, Drew accepted the prorated offer, which comes to just about $10 million for the rest of the season and then he gets to hit free agency after this year to try and secure that multi-year deal he was looking for.

I love the move...obviously.  I thought they needed the depth to begin with and I'm the biggest (only?) Stephen Drew fan around.

Third base has basically been a black hole for the Red Sox offense this year.  Between Middlebrooks and Herrera, Boston has statistically had the worst offensive output from that position in all of Major League Baseball this year.  With the Sox being an atrocious 5-10 in 1 run games and putrid against right-handed pitching, Drew can instantly help there.  He is a proven hitter against righties and is a step up over the nothing that they've been getting from 3B.

Drew is projected to be down in the minor for 25 at-bats, which would bring him back to the big league ball club in about 8-10 games.  It couldn't come soon enough, as the Sox are currently riding a 7-game losing streak.

So, let me be the first to welcome back, my man, Stephen Drew #DrewCrew

Drew's situation pretty much played out like this...