Friday, May 2, 2014

New Song "Love Never Felt So Good" with MJ & JT

The first song from Michael Jackson's upcoming posthumous album Xscape just dropped at the very early hours of this morning and it definitely has the sound of MJ's early stuff, like what he would come out with right after the Off The Wall record.

I guess it makes sense that it was written in 1983.

This is going to be the first single from the new album and JT tweeted it out to play it loud.  And since I do what ever Timberlake tells me, that's what I'm doing so far this morning.

The song made its debut last night during the iHeartRadio Music Awards but it was Usher and not JT who performed it.  Now, he didn't sing or anything so I'm not really sure why he was even out there but whatever, it's not like I watched this thing anyway.  I was too busy getting my heart broken with the Red Sox losing both game of a double-header to the Ray by a run each and the Bruins losing in OT.

The new record is out May 13th so keep your ear to the grindstone.