Friday, May 9, 2014

Bruins Tie Series Up 2-2 With The Habs on OT Game Winner

Matt Fraser literally called-up the day before Game 4 by the Bruins and scores the game winner in Overtime...not too shabby for this dude.

The Bruins were playing catch with the Habs' post today so it felt kind of weird that this was the goal that actually ended up going in, but I feel like that's they way it goes sometimes.  Both Rask and Price were basically brick walls tonight so it took a little bit of a lucky play to get this one done.

Either way, a win is a win is a win.  Series is tied 2-2 and looks like it's going to go 7.  Playoff hockey if fucking awesome, huh?

With the goal, Fraser becomes the first player to ever score a goal in both the AHL and NHL playoffs in the same season.

P.S. Fraser better be eating Frozen Yogurt before every game for the rest of this series.