Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We Are All Boston Strong Today

Today is a day for reflection.  Reflection on the horrible terrorist acts that occurred near the Boston Marathon finish a year ago today.  I'm not going to get into a shit ton of hyperbole or anything like that, just remember to take a second out of your day to remember what makes this country great and say a prayer for everyone who was and still is affected by this tragic event.

I remember leaving the Patriot's Day Red Sox game last year, my third consecutive game on Marathon Monday in what had become an annual tradition where about 15-20 of us got together to go to the game

And then seeing the events on the TVs at Jillian's down the street from Fenway as everyone stood there in complete shock.  It took a day or two for everything to really even sink in.  It looked like I was watching something that was happening far away when in reality it was less than a mile from where I was.  It still seems surreal to me.

Always remember the good of those who ran to help and the courage and perseverance of thousands instead of the pieces of shit who did this.  I always think back to my main man Mr. Rogers and this quote:

We are all Boston Strong today.  

And let's not forget all of the Boston Sports Teams coming together to help people not think about something so shitty for a little while and band together in supporting their favorite teams.

Still gets me every single time.  Goosebump City.

Listen, I'm already a huge Rene Rancourt fan, so you don't have to sell me on him.  But it takes exactly the right person to let the crowd carry the National Anthem.  A special moment from one of the best in the business knowing the exact moment he needs to stand there and conduct thousands, rather than continuing to sing along with them.